Why The Vaping Community Needs To Stand Together

January 11 2021

Why The Vaping Community Needs To Stand Together
Why The Vaping Community Needs To Stand Together
"The vaping community is nothing short of remarkable, with hundreds of online forums, thousands of vape shops and millions of passionate vapers across the country. This year has been a struggle for most of us, so it’s more important than ever that these strong communities stand together. Here’s a few reasons why we think the vapers should keep up all the great work.  

Changing lives

For us, creating DIY mixes, discovering exciting new flavours, and engaging with fellow vapers are all part of the same goal - changing lives. The vaping community has the power to truly alter the course of thousands of smoker’s lives for the better. The more welcoming we are, the more smokers will look past the smoke and mirrors about vaping, and quit the habit for good. To put it simply - the vaping community saves lives.  

Battling misconceptions

Misconceptions have always contributed to the trepidation some feel towards making that  life-changing switch from cigarettes to vaping. A recent Government report has stated that those who think vaping is more harmful than cigarettes was still at around 34% in 2019. As members of the vaping community, it’s our job to stick together against these misconceptions and call them out when we see them.  

A place for a chat

Last year saw an unprecedented increase in loneliness, with 30.9% of people in the UK saying that loneliness was directly affecting their mental health. One of the most invigorating parts of being a vaper is the social groups that you can join. Whether you’re popping down to your local vape shop or participating in some online discussion, the vaping community can alleviate those lonely feelings that we all encounter from time to time.  

Wider change

There will always be people out there that are looking to discredit vaping. If the vaping community doesn't stick together and stand up for what we believe in, then we could end up with many losing access to vaping altogether.   After many vape shops suffered losses in 2020, it’s never been more essential for the vaping community to stick together. The more of us there are, the further we can reach and the more lives we change forever."