Stop Smoking Stories - Part 2

January 14 2021

Stop Smoking Stories - Part 2
Stop Smoking Stories - Part 2
"We asked some passionate vapers all about their experiences with smoking a few weeks ago. The responses we received were inspirational, moving and genuinely heartwarming. Vaping can play an integral role in your quitting journey and these vapers are definitive proof of that. In their own words, here are some truly inspiring smoke-free stories to help you kick cigarettes out of your life.

Petra Stumpfova Cronin (Facebook)

I switched to vaping after my second baby. The want to stay around longer for my kids made me finally made me kick the habit. It was so hard but so rewarding when you kick the habit’

@ben_01._ (Instagram)

14 years ago I smoked two packs of tobacco a day. When I switched to the first electronic cigarettes, they did not work very well at first. I used both tobacco and vaping until about 7 years ago. I left everything related to tobacco completely, and your Red Astaire, along with Gins Addiction, were the main ones that helped me. Today I keep vaping as a hobby at zero nicotine, it is true that from time to time I add some nicotine in the weeks or months when I am most upset.’  

@massimosmok (Twitter)

‘As a frequent smoker of cigarettes... I even used to smoke 3 packs a day. It was not so easy to quit smoking. When I quit, I didn't like the e-cigs I tried at all. At the same time I was disgusted by the cigarettes - their stink, the yellow fingers and the breath that I missed after a few steps (not to mention how badly I slept with the bad cough in the morning). One day 2 years ago, after several failed tests with poor quality e-cigs, a friend gave me an e-cig. Already at the first puff I was struck by how satisfying and pleasant the taste was. After a few weeks in which I dual-used, I stopped buying cigarettes.    A fabulous world opened up to me: vaping. Vaping, as you can imagine, has become a passion. I must say that I could not have made a better choice. My quality of life improved just a few weeks after I stopped. Today I am going to the pool and I do a lot more sports. Not only do I breathe better but I don't even have those colds I had every winter.   Hoping that my experience will be useful and that many other vapers share their story. It is really important to be united and to make smokers understand that there is an effective way to quit.’ Thank you to all the vapers who shared their stories with us. Sharing your personal quitting journeys is incredibly helpful for those struggling to quit. If you’re interested in sharing your smoke-free story, please send us a message through FacebookTwitter or Instagram. Who knows - you might be featured in Stop Smoking Stories Part 3!"