The Anatomy Of The Perfect Vape

February 22 2022

The Anatomy Of The Perfect Vape
The Anatomy Of The Perfect Vape

The anatomy of the perfect vape!​

So, you have decided you want to move from pens and pods and want to build your own Box Mod? This is where the true rabbit hole begins, and you’re in the right place. We will help you build your perfect vape, and create a unit that you find both easy to use and that suits your exacting needs. Vapour kits aren’t as scary as they sound, and we’ll take you through the process step by step.

Are You a Cloud Chaser?

Cloud chasers are always striving for a bigger, thicker cloud on the exhale, and let’s be honest, we are all cloud chasers of varying degrees. I mean nobody trusts shampoo that doesn’t foam right? If you are after thick clouds with plenty flavour, your first stop is a sub-ohm vape. Sub-ohm means that the coil in your vape has less than 1 ohm resistance, so the current will flow through the coil faster and heating the vape liquid faster & hotter, as well as giving you a flavour boost. This of course does mean you will drain your battery faster, so you will need to choose a unit & battery capable of handling a sub-ohm vape.

Mod Me

Get your hands wrapped round the right mod, and you’ll never look back. Once you’ve picked your vape, you’ll need a mod that fits, and that can handle the power requirements you demand of it. There are a many amazing mods on the market in 2022, and you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice. The VooPoo Drag range has a Smart Mode which can auto-detect your coil resistance and recommends an appropriate wattage. This of course negates the trial and error of set up and potentially burning out brand new coils. GeekVape, one of the best & most awarded brands in vaping, has the Aegis. A more compact sub-ohm platform, this unit comes with a fully customizable experience, allowing you to truly fine-tune your preferences.

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Suck It

What kind of vaper are you? Are you an ex-smoker? If you’re an ex-smoker, which is most vapers, you’re probably going to want a mouth to lung coil as it most closely resembles the intake style of cigarettes. This is where the vapour is pulled into the mouth from the vape, held there, and then drawn into the lungs. This requires a higher draw effort, which is preferred by ex-smokers.

Direct to Lung offers little to no resistance on the inhale and can take ex-smokers by surprise, but can produce massive clouds. There are comments that D2L lacks in flavour, but we feel that comes down to the exhale. Exhale through your nose, leaving your mouth slightly open and you will be blown away at the immense flavours you’ll pick up. You’ll also look like a dragon that’s just eaten 14 smoke bombs, but isn’t that the point? For a true sub ohm D2L experience, pick a dedicated sub ohm kit, as hybrids are restricted in what they can offer.

What battery?

We have found again and again that the Samsung 20s 18650 battery is king. It hits up to 30A continuous, without overheating, and has a very stable discharge. The VooPoo Drag 3 can fit 2 18650’s giving plenty time between charges, and the GeekVape Aegis fits one. Just make sure you get brand name batteries, and from a reputable source, as counterfeit batteries can not only potentially brick your entire device, but they also pose an extreme fire hazard. Don’t cheap out here whatever you do, and don’t forget to get yourself a reliable charger. Too often, do people get home, vape away, and realise they have no way of recharging their brand-new baby.

On The Juice

If you have made it this far in your vaping journey, you know what VG/PG means. Your choice of VG/PG has a great influence on your cloud production. If you want to produce cumulonimbus sized clouds, you’d want a pure Vegetable Glycerine liquid. However, because of the nature of VG being much thicker than Propylene glycol, its flavour retention isn’t spectacular. Bring in the mixes. We would recommend a 70/30 VG/PG, which would give enormous clouds but still maintain wonderful and accurate flavour profiles. Flavour choice is an entirely different world on its own. This is so subjective, and this is where we recommend you explore and try as much as you can. Flavours come in five main categories: Fruits, desserts, menthols, tobaccos, and beverages. Within each category there are hundreds of different choices. Coffee flavours for the morning, menthols for midday, and fruits & desserts for later. Tobaccos for those missing the flavours of old school cigarettes, only without all the cancer & guilt.

Nic Salts vs Freebase

Another hugely subjective choice is the style of nicotine you want. Nic salts are derived from natural nicotine, and hence are absorbed into the blood faster. They can come in fairly strong concentrations, and for people looking to vape to quit smoking, nic salts are recommended. Nic salts also constrain the cloud size a little. They’re best suited to mouth to lung coils.

Freebase nicotine absorbs slower into the bloodstream, so the danger of a potential ‘head rush’ is lower. Freebase can produce large clouds, and can allow for much tastier e-juices. As you lower your nicotine intake, this is an easier choice over nic salts. Ex-smokers sometimes prefer harsher throat hits, as they’re used to the burn of a cigarette in the back of the throat, and so here you can opt for a stronger concentration (12mg and up).

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At the end of the day the topic is extraordinarily subjective. It’s a spectacular journey, and if you’re a tech geek or a Lego-minded type, building, modding and updating your mod kit is an amazing journey. You’ll find that e-cig replacement parts are easy to use and install, and trying different combos is what will make you mod kit totally unique. Our recommendation is to get out there and try every option. Find what style, taste and clouds suit you best, and you’ll find you have made the perfect vape, with the perfect flavour, and in that moment, the world is a perfect place.