5 Vape Predictions In 2022

February 22 2022

5 Vape Predictions In 2022
5 Vape Predictions In 2022

Here are our top 5 vape predictions in 2022

Tech moves at such an extraordinary pace it can be tough keeping up, and vaping is no different. We have stared into our strawberry mango flavoured cloud filled crystal ball and have made some vape predictions as to what’s coming this year in the world of e cigarettes.

1. Disposables

Number one on our vape predictions list for 2022 is disposables. Disposables have grown exponentially over the last couple of years, and judging by what we see in the marketplace this trend is only going to continue. Disposables have so many benefits and provide such ease of use that it’s no wonder this category is exploding. Considering the health and practicality of quitting smoking & moving straight to disposables, this only adds to the growth in the market.

2. Liquid Mixology

Number two on our vape predictions list for 2022 is liquid mixology. Even though the top brands are always adding to their repertoire, the number of end-users moving to create their own liquids and flavour profiles are growing in leaps and bounds. From as simple as mixing your shortfills & nic shots, to creating your own entirely handmade e-liquids, this is a world many vapers are getting into. The lovers of box mods are already known as tinkerers, and what an amazing layer of DIY is hand-made liquids proving to be. The supply of high-quality bases, flavour concentrates & nic shots is allowing for the creation of some spectacular new tastes.

3. UK e-liquid Exports will increase

Number three on our vape predictions list for 2022 are exports. The UK is proving to be one of the best countries in the production of extremely high quality and reputable e-liquids. Award after award is being given to local manufacturers of e-liquids. UK producers have shown not only to be capable of creating what the regulations demand but doing so while satisfying the demanding and exacting needs of the UK consumer. Exports of e-liquids are set to increase in a huge way this year.

4. Technology

Number four on our vape predictions list for 2022 is technology. We can’t make a list of predictions without talking about the actual tech of the industry. So much is on its way it’s hardly a prediction. Smartphone connected devices, smartwatch connected devices, and more involved software are only moments away. GeekVape & VooPoo are both expected to release game changing new devices, both small and large. On the power side, fast charging is already gaining huge ground, with Type-C connectors already becoming industry standard. Look to the mobile phone world for predictions on battery tech, and there is rumbling that major battery upgrades are coming, which will filter quickly across to the vaping world.

5. Vaping laws and rules

Number five on our vape predictions list for 2022 is vaping laws and rules. We’re very used to it by now, but every year the man introduces new laws & regulations for the vaping world. We aren’t worried at all, we pride ourselves in sourcing only the very best, safest, and highest quality materials for our products. We stay as up to date with all regulations and rules as humanly possible, as your health and safety is absolutely paramount to us. This is such a murky & divided topic, we can’t with any real certainty even attempt to say what might be in store. What we can say is that that the conversation will grow louder & more people will join in. We can without a shadow of a doubt say, as with anything, there will be surprises, shocks, and new tech coming. It’s exciting as always to see what’s on its way, and of course if our predictions are on the money or way off base. We try and stay relatively conservative with what we feel is going to trend, but only time will tell. The e-cigarette market is a constantly changing arena, and it’s as exhilarating as ever. We are certainly living in the future, it is here."