Stocking Up: Our Top T-Juice Selection For Christmas

December 03 2020

Stocking Up: Our Top T-Juice Selection For Christmas
Stocking Up: Our Top T-Juice Selection For Christmas
"Stuffing stockings with the best vaping products on the market is a sure way to see some happy smiles on Christmas morning. Whether your loved ones are enthusiastic vapers or smokers looking to quit, there’s nothing sweeter than unwrapping your favourite e-juice under the tree. To help you make the right choices, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite vaping treats for the festive season.  

Red Astaire

Could we have started anywhere else? Red Astaire is the ultimate stocking filler for any passionate vaper. Packed full of sumptuous red berries, this e-liquid is a firm favourite in the vaping community and a flagship e-liquid for T-Juice.  Trust us - it’ll be a happy Christmas day for any vaper finding a Red Astaire under the tree.  

DIY Pack

We all know those stubborn vapers who stick by their tried and tested flavours. What better way to get their creative juices flowing than with a DIY vape bundle. The freedom of making your own flavours takes vaping to another level and isn’t as hard as many think. This pack comes with all the ingredients needed to create some stellar e-liquids. You could always buy some additional concentrates to push your loved one in the right direction.  

Taster Pack

If you’re still waiting for your mates to jump on the T-Juice train, our Taster Pack is just the thing to welcome them into the community. Covering a huge variety of our signature tastes, from Clara-T to Forest Affair, your friend or family member will be able to taste what T-Juice has to offer. This pack is more than just a stocking filler.  

Vape Kit

Most of us here at T-Juice are ex-smokers. We understand how tough it is to ditch cigarettes and lead a healthy life. Vaping helped all of us move away from tobacco and get rid of smoking for good. Could there be a better Christmas present than that? Buying your friend or family member who smokes a brand new vape kit, such as the Smok Nord 2, could be just the inspiration they need. Coupled with a few e-liquids, this present could truly change someone’s life forever.   Whatever vaping gift you go for, there’s no better feeling than seeing someone’s face light up when unwrapping their favourite e-liquids. Remember - vaping’s for life, not just for Christmas."