T-Motivation: Ten Things To Stop Your Cigarette Cravings

November 26 2020

T-Motivation: Ten Things To Stop Your Cigarette Cravings
T-Motivation: Ten Things To Stop Your Cigarette Cravings
"As most vapers know, quitting smoking is no easy task. Vaping makes that fight a lot easier, but there’s still plenty of temptations and impulses that could send you straight back down that dark smoking hole. Luckily, you’re not alone in this fight. Here’s a few of our most effective ways to combat those relentless cravings.  

Distract yourself

Whether it’s playing your favourite video game or watching a TV show, distracting yourself when you can feel those cravings bubbling up is really important. If you keep your mind busy you’ll be able to avoid those tempting thoughts.  


While many people may be put off by meditation, breathwork can be a brilliant way to stop those cravings. Simply stop what you’re doing, sit down for 10 minutes and focus solely on your breathing to get rid of your temptations.  


Regular exercise releases endorphins into your body and can help prevent both physical and mental cravings. Find a consistent routine plan and stick to it. When you sense some cravings coming up, even going out for a walk can help clear your mind.  

Write down the benefits

Sometimes the benefits of quitting smoking can become foggy in the haze of cravings. Write down the numerous benefits on a piece of paper to remind yourself of why you’re committing yourself to quitting.  

Vape with friends

Many smokers trying to quit struggle in social situations. If your friends or family are regular smokers, vaping whilst they smoke can be a great way to stay involved with this social aspect. Even so, if you can feel yourself sensing more cravings, it’s best just to leave them to it.  

Avoid triggers

Especially in the first few weeks of quitting, you have to be very aware of possible triggers in the routine of your life. If you’re used to having a cigarette at a certain time of day, make sure you fill it in with something different. For example, if you normally smoke on your morning commute, try downloading a podcast to occupy your mind instead.  

Keep your mouth busy

A great way to distract yourself is to keep your mouth busy with a stick of gum or crunchy foods like celery. This provides a proper physical replacement that can help you avoid that urge to put a cigarette in your mouth.  

Use tobacco e-liquids

Our e-liquids come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re missing that tobacco taste, UK Smokes or Gold ‘N’ Brown are popular flavours. Getting a nicotine hit from your vape will help manage  those cravings.  

Join the community

Our online community on FacebookInstagram and Twitter is like no other in the vaping world. If you’ve ever got any issues, worries or questions, the vaping community have the experience to answer the lot. Most vapers have gone through the exact same process as you.   Whatever you do - don’t give up. The fight can feel really tough, but it’s completely worth it in the end. Our ultimate goal is to end smoking through the power of vaping, so join our community and quit smoking for good!"