Faqs With T-Juice: All Your 'How-To' Questions Answered

December 11 2020

Faqs With T-Juice: All Your 'How-To' Questions Answered
Faqs With T-Juice: All Your 'How-To' Questions Answered
Whether you’re an intrigued smoker or a committed vaper, there’s always something new to learn in the world of vaping. Our FAQ series aims to find vapers answers to some of the common questions we hear asked. So, without further ado, here’s all your ‘how-to’ questions answered.  

How to make your own vape juice

Making your own T-Juice requires a few extra products on top of your concentrate - including a VGPG and nicotine. Before you start mixing, make sure you’re wearing gloves and using proper equipment. Measure out your solution using an online vaping calculator so you can find that perfect balance. We’d also suggest getting creative by playing around with a few of your favourite flavours. If you want to find out more about mixing, check out our blog here.  

How to fill a vape

Filling up your vape tank is one of the most important parts of any vaper’s routine. If you let your tank get too low, you can damage your coils - so it’s crucial that you refill regularly. It’s an easy process too - simply unscrew your tank, prime your coils and slowly squeeze your bottle of e-liquid to fill the tank up. Without overfilling the tank, screw your primed coils and tank back onto your device. We also recommend leaving the e-liquid to soak into the coil for around 5 minutes to really get the most out of your e-liquid. Have a read of our guide to refilling your tank to find out more.  

How to clean a vape 

While it might seem simple, cleaning your vape tank effectively takes a bit of practice. Prepare a bowl of warm water and slowly unscrew your vape tank from the coil and battery. Make sure to scrub away any of those gunky pieces of e-liquid stuck in the tank - the deeper you scrub, the nicer your e-liquids will taste! When you're done, use a piece of cloth to dry off your tank and reattach it onto your vape. Once again, if you want to find out more about cleaning your tank, have a read of our T-Tips blog.  

How to make nicotine free e-liquid

Making your own nicotine free e-liquid is much easier than you might think. Many DIYers regularly mix their own e-liquid without any nicotine. All you have to do is follow the standard mixing process without adding any of your own nicotine. For some looking to move away from nicotine, making your own e-liquids is a great way to take back control of your levels. You can also buy nicotine free e-liquids from the T-Juice store - simply choose the ‘0mg’ option before adding it to your basket.  

How to clean a vape coil 

Cleaning your coils is less straightforward than cleaning your tank. If you’re using replaceable coils, it’s best to stock up and replace to really get the most out of your vapes. Rebuildable coils can and must be cleaned to get rid of all that vaping gunk. When you’ve unscrewed your coils, remove the wick to avoid burning them. Dry burn your coils to get rid of any of the e-liquid residue and wait for them to cool down before replacing. If that’s not doing the trick, you can lightly rinse them for a deeper clean.  

How to get the best clouds out of your vape

Cloud chasing is a huge part of the vaping community. There’s plenty of ways to get more vapour out of your kit, if that’s what you’re after. Sub-ohm kits are the main weapon in a cloud chaser’s toolkit. These have a high power battery needed for the creation of big clouds, so make sure you use a mod with over 40 watts of power. Also, if you’re mixing your own e-liquids, a great way of creating clouds is by mixing at a high VG level.   If you’ve got any more questions, make sure to get in contact with us on our social channels. We'll be happy to find the answer to any queries you may have! We’re all learning something new about vaping every day.