New Year, New Me, Smoke-Free: How To Easily Switch To Vaping

December 28 2020

New Year, New Me, Smoke-Free: How To Easily Switch To Vaping
New Year, New Me, Smoke-Free: How To Easily Switch To Vaping
"If there’s ever a year smoking deserved to be left in, it’s 2020. Everyone is desperate for a fresh start in 2021 and if that means leaving smoking in the past, we’re right behind you. Trust us - vaping makes that whole process a lot easier. To help you make that big switch from cigarettes to e-liquids less complicated, we’ve got together some expert advice straight from the T-Juice team.   

Start simply

With so many possibilities, vaping can often feel overwhelming for beginners. Whether you’re already doing your research into sub-ohm vaping or DIYing, we’d suggest starting slowly to begin with. Snap up a starter kit you can trust, such as the Smok Nord 2 Kit alongside the famous Red Astaire e-liquid. Most vapers would agree that this is the perfect place to start.  

Find the right nicotine strength

Finding the right balance when it comes to your nicotine strength is crucial when you’re just starting out. If you were a moderate smoker, we’d recommend starting with at least 12mg strength e-liquid. You can move down to a lower nicotine strength further down the line, but it’s worth noting that nicotine has a risk profile similar to caffeine, so finding the right strength that keeps away your cravings should be your first priority.  

Join the conversation

It’s safe to say that community matters more than ever. Thankfully, the online vaping community is one of the most crucial resources you have when it comes to making the switch. If you’ve got any questions or queries about vaping (which we all did when we first started), head down to our FacebookTwitter or Instagram profiles and join the thousands of passionate vapers discussing their favourite hobby.  

Get down to your local vape shop

Local vape shops are hubs for vaping conversations and discussions. If you’re searching for some face-to-face advice or just want to try out a variety of e-liquids, vape shops are the place to go. The vaping community are mostly made up of ex-smokers, so they’ll be welcoming you with open arms. There’s a reason most British high streets have a vape shop these days!  

Try a variety of e-liquids

Taking the time to find your everyday vape is always incredibly rewarding. The huge variety of flavours on offer means that every vaper can find the perfect e-liquid for them. Whether you’re a fan of the sweeter flavours or you need those smooth tobacco undertones, our product range has all bases covered.   Remember - there’s nothing more important than patience when it comes to quitting. Accepting that the path ahead will be difficult is all part of the journey, but vaping can make that journey a lot easier. Have a browse of our e-liquid range, join our community and leave smoking back in 2020."