How To Find Your New All Day Vape (Adv)

June 18 2021

How To Find Your New All Day Vape (Adv)
How To Find Your New All Day Vape (Adv)
"Are you still looking for that perfect e-liquid that you can smoke all day every day? Well in this article we're going back to the basics to help you find your new all day vape (ADV). Many beginners ask the question ""what is an allday vape?"" An all day vape is an e-liquid that you can smoke all day every day.

E-Liquid basics - What's e-liquid made of?

What’s e-liquid made of? This is important because it makes up a large part of your new flavour. E-liquid usually has four key ingredients, Propylene Glycol (known as PG), Vegetable Glycerine (known as VG), the flavour and if you choose to Nicotine. Now great you know, but why is it important? It’s because of the thickness of the liquid, VG is much thicker than PG and having a higher ratio of this isn’t great for starter tanks. Normally you’ll want to see for a beginner device a ratio on the bottle that says 50/50. You might get away with 60/40 but anymore and the liquid isn’t going to saturate the coil properly and you’re going to get a lot of dry hits. If you get a more advanced device, later on, this is when you can start worrying about having more VG but for now, aim for 50/50.

Nicotine Strength - What strenght nicotine should I use?

Next up, what strength nicotine? Nicotine strength for e-liquid goes 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg.  You’ll sometimes see these stylised like 1.2mg instead of 12 for example. This one is really down to personal preference; however, we hear all the time in this industry I want to be away from nicotine as soon as possible. My only advice with this is slow down, nicotine isn’t the actively harmful element of tobacco so don’t worry about that straight away. It’s far more important that you use the right strength nicotine that allows you to stay away from tobacco. We suggest starting with 12mg nicotine and you can adjust from there. If it’s too strong then you can lower it, but it’s important to give yourself the best chance of staying away from tobacco. 3 for £10Mix & Match! Get 3 for £10 on selected E-Liquids! Clear

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The flavour - What flavour e-liquid should I choose?

Now we’ve got the basics of picking an e-liquid out of the way let’s move onto the flavour. Well, we can’t tell you what you’ll like but here’s something to remember. Go for a flavour that you think you’ll be able to use all day, every day. You might love the taste of sticky toffee pudding, but will you after a week of vaping? We can’t tell you but think carefully about it. There’s a reason that after so many years so many people are still finding success with flavours such as Red Astaire, which is a combination of red berries, black grape, and sweet eucalyptus. Some further advice is to try as many flavours as possible instead of getting stuck on one flavour. If you were suddenly unable to get that flavour you might find yourself disappointed.

People Also Ask:

How long does a full vape last? This depends on a lot of things such as the battery type and the device. If you are using high or low wattage. If you are using your vape until the battery is dead, or do you charge it regularly. What is a dry hit? Vaping can be a tough business. Sometimes you get the unfortunate luck of having one too many empty tanks, wicks that don’t work like they’re supposed to or coils running hot and Huluing away your e juice before it has time to soak into them properly. But no matter what caused this dry hit! There are ways around these problems though- simply changing out parts will help fix any issues with flow (or adding some fresh juice if needed). Is there a vape with no nicotine? Vaping without nicotine is just like normal vaping, but without nicotine present in the e-liquid.  Many people use e-cigarettes as a replacement for their traditional cigarettes and may want to clear away from using nicotine all together. Some vapers even like splitting up the flavours they use by periods of the day or even by meal. A nice lemon slice might be perfect for the morning, but it can be a great after-dinner vape. Maybe you’ll want to start the day off with a mint & menthol flavour like polarised. It’s worth considering all options as there are so many out there."