The Top 3 Reasons You Cough When You Vape

June 25 2021

The Top 3 Reasons You Cough When You Vape
The Top 3 Reasons You Cough When You Vape

The top 3 reasons you cough when you vape.

It’s a familiar scenario, you start vaping with the intention to quit smoking but for some reason the set-up you have just keeps making you cough. Well, there are a multitude of reasons for this and thankfully all of them are easily fixable. Below we’ve listed all the reasons this may happen and how to stop them, so let’s begin.

1. Your device is too powerful for a beginner.

The first of the The top 3 reasons you cough when you vape is this - often when starting out we don’t quite know what we’re looking for, so we put our trust in an expert, the person behind the counter or the blog on the internet. Well, oftentimes, you might find yourself with a device that has far more power than you need. Without the right information on the types of e-liquid you need to use, you’ll be setting yourself up to cough. If you’ve already purchased the device, try turning the power down to the lowest possible rating accepted by the coil. If you still cough, get yourself a more starter friendly device. It will be worth it in the long run; we have many that you can browse here

2. The wrong type of e-liquid/ nicotine strength.

Second on our top 3 reasons you cough when you vape list is using the wrong e-liquid. Similarly, the wrong type of e-liquid or nicotine strength could be a factor in why you’re coughing. If you have a really high-powered device and an e-liquid with a strong amount of nicotine, such as 18mg, it’s probably going to be too much for you to handle. For a device that has a big wattage output of 40w or more, it’s probably best to stick with a maximum of 6mg nicotine strength. On a similar note, as well as the nicotine strength, make sure that the PG/VG ratio is good for your device. The more VG you have in your e-liquid the smoother it will be at in high powered devices. Again, if you’re vaping at 40w or more try to make sure you’re using at least a 60/40 vg heavy e-liquid. If you want the throat hit to replicate smoking, you’re better off with a lower powered device (under40w) and a higher PG based e-liquid.

3. You’re vaping wrong.

The third reason why you would cough when you vape is that you're vaping wrong. It’s a classic vape shop scenario that a first-timer will go in, try a sample, and start coughing… why is that? Well, it’s because no one has told them that it’s not exactly the same as smoking a cigarette. There are two types of devices when it comes to vaping technique, mouth-to-lung (known at MTL) and Direct-to-Lung known as (DTL). For a beginner, you’re more than likely going to want to stick with mouth-to-lung vaping. Why? Because this most closely resembles smoking a cigarette. At this point, smoking a cigarette may be an automatic thing. When you start vaping you need to think about the technique a little bit for the first few weeks. A big mistake you might make at first is pressing the fire button before the device is in your mouth. This will start the vaporising process but without you breathing it in.Iit’s going to be hot and too much to start with. If you do this, you’ll go to vape and get far too much vapour making you cough. So first put the drip tip in your mouth, hold the fire button and breath the vapour into your mouth. At this point, you should be able to blow all the vapour out without it ever hitting your throat. That’s how you’ll know you’ve done it correctly. Once the vapour is in your mouth, take a second breath to inhale it into your lungs. Hold this in as long as you need and breathe out. That’s all there is to it but it’s pretty crucial to get right so that you avoid coughing.

In conclusion

Making sure you have the optimal setup is crucial to having an enjoyable vaping experience. Trying to use high-powered devices as a beginner is not always the best idea. As mentioned might make you cough when you vape. Similarly making sure you’re using the right type of e-liquid and the right strength nicotine for your device is just as important. Whilst also not forgetting that this is different to smoking and requires a slightly different approach. Remembering all these things can be the difference between enjoying vaping smoothly and coughing every time you switch on your device."