3 Good Vaping Habits You Need To Enforce

June 04 2021

3 Good Vaping Habits You Need To Enforce
3 Good Vaping Habits You Need To Enforce

Vaping habits you need to enforce!

What are good vaping habits? Working in the vaping industry it's common to  come across new vapers who would tell us, the thing that helped the most with quitting cigarettes was to replace the habit or to replace the need to roll cigarettes for example. Taking this into consideration though buying your first vape is one thing, but maintaining your vape is another thing. Most new vapers are not aware that they should regularly clean their vapes, which is why we decided to help in writing this article on good vaping habits. So let's start right away.

1. Keep your vaping device clean and maintain the tank.

One of the best vaping habits is, cleaning your device. Now, this one is self-explanatory: clean your device. It’s really off-putting using something that isn’t clean and unfortunately as great as they are, vapes can sometimes get a little dirty. You don’t need anything special to clean them, just some water and maybe a paper towel, you can also use a microfibre cloth to clean your device on the outside. You can give just the drip tip and tank a clean when you don’t need to change the coil. If you need to replace the coil you can just rinse through the tank properly. Other than that, there isn’t much to it, just keep it clean and you’ll feel much better about using it. It’s also a good idea to keep an eye on the seals and O-rings to make sure they haven’t perished or come loose. This is definitely something to add to your vaping habits. Most tanks come with spares so it’s always worth changing these to make sure you don’t get any leaks. Finally, make sure you’re not putting your tank through any unnecessary stress by over-tightening anything. Over tightening can warp the threads and you’ll never be able to use the tank properly after this has happened. That being said if you do have any problems with your tank being stuck make sure to check our article here on what to do if this happens.

2. Change the coil regularly.

Second up is to make sure you’re changing the coil regularly. This is a big one people, I used to come across beginners that would use the same coil for 6 months, yes 6 months and then wonder why it wasn’t tasting so great anymore. Obviously, no one told them to do it, so that’s why we’re telling you now. After about two weeks most coils have degraded to the point that flavour and cloud production is seriously compromised. It’s best to change them as soon as your notice that the flavour isn’t what it once was and avoid using them until they are a burnt mess. To enjoy your vape to its full potential, make sure that you incorporate in your vape cleaning ritual.

3. Drink more water.

Finally, make sure you’re keeping hydrated. Now, this isn’t a life hack blog telling you to drink more water, but when you start vaping you are probably going to need to drink a little more. When you start vaping a lot it can be slightly dehydrating and can affect the flavour of your device. Drinking more water can stop this from happening. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s a good habit to get into, and well it’s good for you anyway so why not? As you can see, we've mentioned 3 habits that you can take on to ensure you have an optimal vape with optimal flavour. If you have any questions, please do let us know. For more information on how to clean and maintain your vaping device, you can read our blog on How to clean a vape tank.