The T-Juice Collection: An Introduction

April 28 2021

The T-Juice Collection: An Introduction
The T-Juice Collection: An Introduction
"You may have noticed that things are starting to look a bit different around here. Also, noticed a sleek new look? T-Juice has added some scintillating flavours to the existing collection, so to help you get to grips with some of our new e-liquid flavour profiles, we’ve got together a quick introduction to our fresh new flavours.  

Tobacco Crunch

Tobacco e-liquids are the perfect flavours for ex-smokers missing that distinctive and satisfyingly smooth smoky taste. To make things more interesting, we’ve added a sweet cookie crunch to Tobacco Crunch. It balances perfectly with premium Virgin tobacco undertones on the first inhale. It doesn’t stop there either - you’ll also notice a vanilla taste on the exhales, which is the cherry on top of this unique flavour.  

Blue Bomb

The explosive new member of our fruits range, Blue Bomb is an electrifying mix of gorgeous blue raspberries and refreshing menthol aftertastes. If you’re a fan of slushies and sunshine, Blue Bomb is the perfect e-liquid for those summer days at the park. It won’t take long for Blue Bomb to be your new ADV after that first refreshing hit.  

Gins Addiction

If you’re a veteran vaper, you’ve probably come across the famous Gins Addiction before. We’re happy to say that the classic e-liquid is now a T-Juice exclusive! This profile is a cocktail lover’s dream, blending gin and absinthe with a delightful citrus sharpness. A refreshing menthol aftertaste is the perfect finishing touch for a classic cocktail e-liquid.  

Northern Lights

Packing a sweet fruit punch, Northern Lights puts on a dazzling show from the very first inhale. With a cool arctic mint and menthol finish, Northern Lights brightens things up with a unique blend of liquorice and grape to deliver a fruity flavour to die for. Making its first appearance under the T-Juice banner, flavour-chasers won’t want to miss this one.  

Nice Lemon Slice

Nice Lemon Slice doesn’t mess about. From the first inhale, you’ll experience an expert blend of gorgeous lemon curd filling and a buttery biscuit base. The zesty lemon undertones become sharper on exhale, leaving a satisfying and citrusy final touch. Trust us - Nice Lemon Slice is a pudding paradise and has the potential to knock your favourite e-liquid off top spot.   Keen for something new? Whether you love that tobacco taste or need some fruity punch, the new additions to our e-liquid range have got all your tastes and preferences covered."