How To Keep The Cost Of Vaping Down

May 14 2021

How To Keep The Cost Of Vaping Down
How To Keep The Cost Of Vaping Down
"While vaping is significantly cheaper than the weekly cost of smoking, it still costs money. We’ve written this guide on how you can evolve your vaping and keep it cost effective for you. It all comes down to learning how to mix your own e-liquid, not only is this method more cost effective but you get far more control over the final product than you would any other way. First off, let’s start off with your options for e-liquid, because you may find that one of the other options is better for you. We will then break it down by cost per 10ml.

What are 10ml Liquids?

This is the most common form of e-liquid that you would have seen in shops or online. These are available in various PG/VG ratios (all T-Juice 10mls come in 50/50) and various nicotine strengths including 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg & 18mg. These are suitable for any tanks and are the most commonly used e-liquids. Cost per 10ml £4.99*

What are Nicotine Salts?

Nicotine Salts are the perfect type of e-liquid for almost all types of vapers, particularly those that are struggling to quit with more traditional forms of nicotine liquids. Nicotine Salts e-liquids are unique and increasingly popular with vapers because they can deliver nicotine without giving the harsh sensation typically associated with higher levels of nicotine in e-liquid. Nicotine Salts mimic the same type of nicotine found in tobacco leaf. They are smoother to vape at higher concentrations of nicotine that standard forms of nicotine. This means that you will be getting the full flavour experience of our e-liquids, even with higher nicotine concentrations. That being said, they’re not particularly suitable for large cloud chasing or sub ohm devices with lots of power. Finally, because of the strength you might actually find yourself vaping less and needing to less often. Cost per 10ml £4.99*

What is Shortfill?

Shortfill is a 50ml bottle of e-liquid that you can vape at 0mg or add a 10ml nicotine shot to and vape at 3mg. Remember to shake the bottle after adding the nic-shot. This type of liquid is usually more suitable for cloud chasing devices. Which create thicker clouds, more vapour, and a fuller flavour. You will find that this liquid is usually higher in VG. All T-Juice shortfills come in a ratio of 60/40 Cost per 10ml £2.15*

What is Longfill?

Longfill e-liquids are 20ml of flavouring in a 60ml bottle, so you can enough nicotine shots and PG/VG to make a finished 60ml e-liquid in the nicotine strength and PG/VG ratio you want. Longfills can be made up to 6, 9 or 12mg nicotine strengths whereas Shortfills can only reach 3mg. So, in that sense its very beginner friendly. What do you need to do? Well once you’ve got your order, pop the top cap off, pour all the liquids in that came with your order, shake, and vape. If you need help deciding what to order, there are bundles and a mixing guide as shown below. Cost per 10ml £2.15*

What are DIY Concentrates?

Much like the name suggests, this is an e-liquid you make yourself using one of our premium concentrates. You start with the flavour concentrate and then add as many nicotine shots, PG and VG as you need. This is a fully customisable experience and works out to pence per 10ml rather than pounds. In our store you can find everything you need to get started, concentrates, PG, VG, and nicotine shots. An example mix might be 100ml of liquid, 50/50 PG/VG ratio at 6mg. You would need 15ml of concentrate, 35ml of PG, 20ml of VG and 30ml of Nicotine shots. All you have to do is, pour them into the bottle, shake and let them steep (time to take on the flavour) for at least a couple of days. You can mix flavours if you feel like there’s two you would want to work together and be completely in control of your vaping experience. The cost per 10ml will depend on how much you make at what strength however as a base we’ve calculated the cost per 10ml for 100ml of 50/50 3mg e-liquid below. Cost per 10ml £0.90*   "