INSIDER: Top Tips to Open a Stuck Vape Tank (Maintaining and Dealing with Problems)

October 08 2019

INSIDER: Top Tips to Open a Stuck Vape Tank (Maintaining and Dealing with Problems)
INSIDER: Top Tips to Open a Stuck Vape Tank (Maintaining and Dealing with Problems)

There are fewer things that are more annoying to a vaper than a stuck tank – it prevents you from topping up your e-liquid and replacing your coil, which can put your whole device out of use. For those that have suffered with this problem, you will know that a stuck tank is extremely stubborn to loosen. There are many hacks out there which claim to be the best way to deal with this, so we’ve put the tried and tested ones together for when you’re next stuck!


Without meaning to preach, the best way to make sure your tank doesn’t get stuck is to take good care of it. A stuck vape tank is caused by an increased friction between the rubber rings and the part where the tank unscrews. There a few tips to prevent this from happening.

Regularly checking the O-rings. Old O-rings can become cracked, which means they can leak out e-juice. When the e-juice dries, it gets thick and sticky which will make your tank get stuck. So, make sure to throw away old ones and clean them occasionally to prevent e-liquid build-up.

Be careful when you top up your e-liquid: All vapers have made a sticky mess when topping up their e-liquid. If the e-juice gets between your O-rings, the glass and the tank, it makes them sticky and difficult to move. So, be careful when topping up!

Do not vape a dry tank: When you vape a dry tank, the heat from the glass, the coil and the tank results in high amounts of pressure, which will vacuum the parts together. Make sure there’s always e-juice in your tank before you start vaping.


Even when you take special care of your tank, you can never be sure that it won’t get stuck. For when this frustrating event occurs, it can be tempting to hammer your tank, or throw it against the wall just to get it open. Before you do, we recommend trying these simple hacks first!

Rubber gloves: Put on a pair of washing up gloves and try to unscrew the tank with them on. They increase grip and make it much easier.

Rubber bands: Wrap a rubber band around the metal part of the tank. The increased grip will make it easier to unscrew in your hands.

Freezer: Only try this one when the tank has been removed from the rest of the device. Put the tank in the freezer for 10-20 minutes, the cold temperature will make the parts contract and easier to loosen.

That’s it

We know a stuck vape tank can be very frustrating, and even tempt you into a rage. So, before you start whacking the tank against the table or get the hammer out, we recommend trying our handy removal and prevention hacks. It will make the process a lot less stressful, and might save you from damaging yourself and the tank!

Of course there is the possibility you will be unable to repair a broken tank. If this is the case and none of the hacks works for you, click here to browse our available tanks