September 24 2019


‘Nic salts’ is a term that’s started to make a bit of noise for itself in the vaping community. Lots of you might be wondering what this means and how it could affect the way that you vape. Let’s start by saying that it could make a massive difference, however, the science behind nic salts is slightly complicated to understand: even for experienced vapers. So, we’re here to nic guide you through the world of nic salts.

What are nic salts?

Nicotine salts, salt nicotine, nic salts and salt nic all mean the same thing. It’s a crystallised form of nicotine. In other words, nic salt is a manmade version of the same nicotine that derives from a natural tobacco leaf.

How is it made?

We don’t want to bog you down with too much scientific jargon so here’s the basics:

  • Nicotine in tobacco leaves are bound to amino acids.
  • A chemical process is used to extract nicotine from these acids to give us free base nicotine, which is the type of nicotine in most normal e-liquids.
  • Scientists adjust the pH levels of this free base nicotine to create nicotine salts.

What are the advantages?

Satisfaction: The main thing that fans of nicotine salts will tell you is that nicotine salts provide a quicker delivery of nicotine to the system than ‘traditional’ e-liquids. Lots of nic salt users say that it gives you a nicotine rush that’s closer to the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

They’re smoother: The way that nicotine salts vaporise mean that they provide a much smoother delivery of vapour. This means that vapers who need more nicotine will find they can do so much more comfortably with nic salts.

What are the disadvantages?

Too much: Whilst recent ex-smokers and heavy vapers will enjoy the nicotine hit provided by nicotine salts, people who were lighter smokers or those who have become accustomed to vaping may find it too much. The instant nicotine absorption can give you headaches and nausea.

Limited options: Nicotine salt-based liquid will only suit certain mods. They are most widely used with pod systems such as JUUL. They can be used with other vaporisers, but the salt-base can burn out the coil in some tanks.

The last word

Nicotine salts are being widely discussed in the vaping community: the increase of vapers using pod systems is largely based off its rise in popularity. We hope that this 101 guide has given you some insight into this new e-liquid development. Nicotine salts may be the next step in your vaping journey, or you might be more of a traditionalist vaper, the only way to find out is to research your mod and e-juice options and try it for yourself!