How To Direct To Lung Vape

July 30 2021

How To Direct To Lung Vape
How To Direct To Lung Vape
"Unlike tobacco cigarettes which involve a single inhalation technique, there are different methods of vaping depending on the type of device you have. This article will focus on Direct-to-Lung vaping (DTL) opposed to Mouth-to-Lung Vaping (MTL).  Direct-to-lung vaping is usually used on higher-powered devices with low resistance coils. 

Mouth-to-Lung vaping Vs Direct-to-Lung vaping Technique

With mouth to lung, you draw vapor into your mouth, hold it in for a few seconds, before inhaling into the lungs. Vapes designed for mouth-to-lung vaping usually have a more restricted airflow intended to mimic the draw of a cigarette. Direct-to-lung vaping, on the other hand, is probably the more famous of the two techniques. This is the kind of vaping that produces large clouds. This technique involves drawing vapor through your mouth and directly into the lungs. There is no momentary hold of vapor in the mouth. Due to this, you might sometimes find this method being referred to as a straight-to-lung inhale.
Direct-to-lung vaping, involves drawing vapor through your mouth and directly into the lungs. There is no momentary hold of vapour in the mouth.
Direct-to-Lung vaping style is synonymous with huge cloud production, which is why most of the devices that allow for this style of vaping tend to be sub-ohm devices and the plethora of mods, from box mods to a select number of pod mods. It is also why many vapers that use this style of device as “cloud chasers”

Pros and Cons of Direct-to-Lung vaping (DTL)

Pros of Direct-to-Lung

Direct-to-Lung vaping is more popular amongst the more experienced vapers who see vaping as much of a hobby as they do a way to quit smoking.
  • Usually, the flavour is better when using Direct-to-lung as the power provided from the device makes the flavour much more intense.
  • For some people, the larger cloud production leads to a more satisfying experience
  • Because of the need for higher VG e-liquid and low nicotine levels Direct-to-lung feels smoother and less harsh on the throat.

Cons of Direct-to-Lung Technique

The cons you should consider include:
  • You will use more e-liquid because of the higher power you are using, making it a slightly more expensive way of vaping.
  • Devices tend to be bigger and therefore heavier.
  • You must be considerate when vaping in public as people tend to frown upon having massive clouds of vapor blown at them.
Overall, it will depend on what vaping experience you are after as to which style you pick, but carefully consider the pros and cons of both before purchasing a particular style of device. This can be the difference between being back to smoking and quitting completely."