How To Decide Which Resistance Of Coil To Use?

August 13 2021

How To Decide Which Resistance Of Coil To Use?
How To Decide Which Resistance Of Coil To Use?
"How to decide which resistance coil to use, is a common question among vapers. You may have noticed that your new device comes with a plethora of coil options that have seemingly random numbers next to them. You might be confused as to which coil will suit you best, and how to get the maximum out of your device for you. This is a problem even experienced vapers encounter. Many experienced vapers often need to test lots of variations before settling for the one they like best. This post will provide you with a rough guide as to what different resistances of coils should do.

Above-ohm and sub-ohm: Mouth-to-Lung Vs Direct-to-Lung Technique

Most coils will either be rated above 1 ohm or below 1 ohm. Above ohm will be any number with a 1 in front, for example, 1.2 ohm or 1.8 ohm. Anything below 1, for example, 0.6 or 0.8, is known as sub-ohm vaping as you are sub (below) 1 ohm of resistance going into the coil. This means that it will alter the type of vaping that you would typically do. Coils rated above 1 ohm will usually be associated with mouth-to-lung vaping. This is where you draw vapor into your mouth, hold it in for a few seconds, before inhaling into the lungs. Vapes designed for mouth-to-lung vaping usually have a more restricted airflow intended to mimic the draw of a cigarette. Anything rated below 1 ohm is usually for direct-to-lung vaping style and is synonymous with huge cloud production, which is why most of the devices that allow for this style of vaping tend to be sub-ohm devices. It is probably the more famous of the two techniques. This is the kind of vaping that produces large clouds. This technique involves drawing vapor through your mouth and directly into the lungs. There is no momentary hold of vapour in the mouth, the reason you might sometimes find this method being referred to as a straight-to-lung inhale.

Power requirements and battery drain

Higher resistance coils (above 1 ohm) don't drain the battery very quickly compared to low resistance coils. It is important to consider when choosing which coil you want to regularly use what it is that’s important to you. If a longer-lasting battery is a crucial component of a vape for you then you’ll need a higher resistance coil, as these typically won’t require high wattage settings and therefore greater drain on the battery. Sub-ohm coils will require larger amounts of power but will produce more vapour so it’s important to weigh up what’s important.

Coil Material

Coils can be made from many different types of material. Standard coils are usually just a wire that is wound into a coil to make the heating element. Mesh coils use a piece of mesh as opposed to a wire which can make heating more consistent giving you better flavour. These play less of a difference to your vape than resistance but can be a great alternative to your standard coil. However, the differences are mainly down to user preference. Again, it’s important to experiment here and find the type of material in the coil best for you, this will all come down to personal preference."