How E-Liquid Flavour Concentrates Could Change Your Vaping Experience

March 26 2021

How E-Liquid Flavour Concentrates Could Change Your Vaping Experience
How E-Liquid Flavour Concentrates Could Change Your Vaping Experience
"Are you an ex-smoker who has just taken their first step into the world of vaping? The idea of mixing an e-liquid from scratch may seem a little daunting. In reality, e-liquid flavour concentrates make the process easy enough for all vapers (beginner or expert) to get involved. Here are a few reasons why we think using e-liquid flavour concentrates will transform your vaping experience.  

What are flavour concentrates?

T-Juice flavour concentrates are nicotine-free PG based liquids. They are created to be mixed with your choice of PG/VG base and nic shots. For the best results, we recommend adding between 15 and 20% concentrate to the final mix. Shaking and steeping your e-liquid for 3-5 days before vaping. This product is perfect for people that want to save some money on their favourite T-Juice flavours and create their own unique e-liquid ratio.  

Perfect your ratios

Struggling to satisfy those cravings? It’s a common problem for vaping beginners who start out on e-liquids that don’t have the right pre-mix to suit them. If standard e-liquids aren’t quite right for you, it might be time to consider looking into flavour concentrates. Our shortfill and longfill collections make adding nic shots and finding the right balance super simple. If you want to get started with DIYing, spend some time mixing up a batch with different nicotine and flavour concentrate ratios. Do this while also playing around with your PG/VG mix.  

Bigger and simpler

Due to regulations, nicotine-containing e-liquids can only be sold in bottles of 10ml or under. Our nicotine-free flavour concentrates are available in 30ml bottles, alongside our larger shortfill and longfill bottles. If you’re keen to get stocked up, while saving a bit of cash along the way, concentrates are a great way forward. Grab some mixing utensils, concentrates and PG/VG bottles. There will be no limit to the amount of e-liquid you can create.  

Taking that next step

If you’ve been vaping for a few months and want to get more involved with the vaping world, concentrates are a fantastic stepping stone. DIY vaping can appear confusing at first, but venturing out of your comfort zone will help you have fun. From creating your own mixes to saving money in the long run. Vaping is so much more than a simple cessation tool - there’s a whole range of flavours waiting to be created and flavour concentrates can get you started on that road.   Flavour concentrates are perfect for vapers who want to experiment with their own e-liquid ratios. Our e-liquid concentrates offer a helping hand to those looking to get started on their DIY vaping journey, all while using your favourite T-Juice flavours."