Bloom And Grow: Our Tips For Refreshing Your Vaping This Spring

March 19 2021

Bloom And Grow: Our Tips For Refreshing Your Vaping This Spring
Bloom And Grow: Our Tips For Refreshing Your Vaping This Spring
If you started your smoke-free journey in the New Year - congratulations! Quitting smoking is always difficult, so making your way to the 3 month mark is something to celebrate. However, it’s important not to let your motivation slip. With spring just around the corner, there’s no better time to give your vaping a refresh. Here are T-Juice’s top tips for switching up your vaping this Spring.

Upgrade your vaping kit

Vaping kits come in all shapes and sizes, but if you’re a beginner you probably started with a basic starter kit. These vape devices are perfect for vaping novices, but those looking to take that next step up should consider an upgrade. For instance, an Innokin Cool Fire Mini is ideal for vapers that want to try something new. We suggest spending some time researching the kind of kit that fits your preferences - a quality vape device is an investment that can last years.  

Try something new

We understand that sometimes it can be nice to stick to the flavours that you know and love, but with the huge range of flavours available at T-Juice, you might even find your new favourite. Branching out into some new flavour profiles can transform your vaping experience. If you’ve been enjoying our dessert flavours, such as Colonel Custard, why not take a chance on our fruit e-liquid selectionRed Astaire is a favourite in the vaping community, while Black ‘N’ Blue packs a delicious berry punch. If you’re finding yourself looking for something that more closely resembles a cigarette, have a look through our tobacco e-liquids for a flavour that suits your preferences. You never know - switching up your flavours could help you discover your new all day vape.  


DIYing is a great way to put the vaping experience directly into your hands. While it might seem intimidating at first, mixing your own e-liquids isn’t as complicated as you might think. As long as you’re prepared with your concentrate, PG/VG, mixing instruments, and if you choose nicotine, you’ll be able to get started in no time. Check out our mixing guide to get a full rundown of the process.  

Ditch dual-using

In 2020, 38.3% of all UK vapers were also regularly smoking cigarettes. If you’re still dual-using, there’s no better time to stop than now. Vaping is a fantastic tool for smokers looking to quit, but if you’re still having a cigarette every now and then, consider trying a different nicotine strength or flavour.  That might just be the final push you need to kick smoking for good. Whatever you choose, cutting cigarettes out entirely is the best way forward.   If your smoke-free story is going to be a successful one, mixing up your vaping routine can be a good idea. Find some new e-liquids, ditch the dual-using and upgrade your vaping kit to switch things up this springtime.