5 Tips For Budget Friendly Vaping

February 02 2022

5 Tips For Budget Friendly Vaping
5 Tips For Budget Friendly Vaping
"Have you found your budget friendly vape yet? The best way to make money is to save money. We are all taught from early on to save money wherever we can, but sometimes that gets tough. We get it, we all want the best thing, the most expensive and the shiniest. Sometimes however we can’t, we shouldn’t, or we’re just being prudent. Whatever your reasons, there are plenty of choices to be found at the lower end of the price scale without being ‘cheap’. We have 5 great tips to help you save money in your vaping journey, whether you’re an experienced vaper or new to the game.

Pods & Disposables

Let’s face it, mod kits are pretty awesome, but they’re not always convenient. They can be bulky, take an extra level of know-how and tech wizardry, and can become expensive fast. Pods are simple, ready to go, and with some of the new tech that’s available, produce some huge clouds. Disposables take that a step further, coming in more affordable than a box of cigarettes per drag. Both options are not only less expensive, but so much more convenient. They weigh next to nothing, slip into a pocket or bag with ease, and no more spilled e-liquid all over the dining room table or your fingers.

A Well-Oiled Machine

Taking care of your kit is the quickest way to save money, especially if you have all your equipment already. Always make sure to prime your coils, and never run them dry. Store your mod kit or pod upright to prevent leaking, and making sure your coils stay wet. Be mindful of the wattage you’re using, you don’t want to shorten the lifespan of your batteries or burn more liquid than you have to.

Your Style Of Vaping

Are you a cloud chaser? Producing monstrous clouds can increase your costs drastically. A bigger cloud obviously uses up more liquid, and the hardware used to make dense clouds can get pricey too. Move away from sub ohm coils, switch to mouth to lung (direct to lung uses a lot more juice & power), and drop to a lower power 18650 battery – just make sure you’re staying with a reputable battery make, a counterfeit or dodgy battery could kill your device. Cheap coils too could hurt your machine so make sure you buy tried and trusted brands.

Can vaping be budget friednly? So let's look at the art of the deal

Have a look at our Bundles and Mix & Match sections. We have selected some of our favourite products and created bargain deals for you to choose from, saving you a ton of money. You can make your own juice, with your own choice of strength of nicotines too. The higher the nic’ concentration, the higher the price. Grab a shortfill, grab a nic shot, make your perfect juice. Shopping online is your greatest tool here, and of course, you save transport money shopping from your couch. We also have bundles both for newcomers & for our experienced regulars, with consumables and full kits too. Sale

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Buy More

Instead of grabbing your e-juice once a week, buy in bulk. Buy your monthly supply in one go and take advantage of the discounts given when you buy multiple juices. This also gives you the chance to try new flavours you might not have tried before, or now you can have more options for your changing needs throughout the day – an all day vape every single day can get boring after a while. Buying more also allows for the opportunity of free delivery too, and who doesn’t love free delivery!

The Exhale

Even if you’re not looking to shop for the cheapest vapes & sorting by price, our tips should come in handy for your overall vaping lifestyle. We strive to be budget friendly across our entire range, to make sure you get the absolute best bang for your buck regardless of price point. An invaluable piece of advice my grandfather gave me, is buy once cry once. If you cheap out, you might spend more constantly replacing cheap, poorly made hardware… It's possible to have a decent vape and decent vape juice, but still vaping on a budget! Have a look at our bundles, Mix and Match, and taster packs, to see where you can save. Let us know if you found your perfect, budget friendly vape juice."