What The Vape Shop Is Really All About

October 05 2020

What The Vape Shop Is Really All About
What The Vape Shop Is Really All About
"Any true vaper will understand the importance of the vape shop - they play an essential role in building up communities and forming connections between all sorts of people. Vape shops have had a meteoric rise the past few years and we couldn’t be happier for the smaller vaping businesses flourishing on our high streets. With that said, here’s a few reasons why we think it’s more crucial than ever to keep our vape shops alive and kicking:  

A sense of community

If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that communities matter. Connecting with each other and looking after our mental health feels more important than ever before. For vapers, the vape shop is a pretty good place to find that connection. If you haven’t already, spend some time speaking to other like minded vapers and you’ll be surprised how easily friendships can form.  

Finding that special vape

The broad amount of e-liquids, concentrates and mod kits on offer at some of the best vape stores around will get you excited everytime you walk through the doors. The extensive range on offer in most high street shops is a major benefit of visiting your local vape shop. Who knows - you might even find some T-Juice flavours you haven’t tried before on the shelves.  

Getting advice

If you’re new to the vaping world, you’ve probably still noticed vaping shops popping up in your high street. It doesn’t matter if you’re a vaping enthusiast or just getting started, speaking to other vapers behind the counter can help you solve any issues or queries you may have. Vapers are a friendly, welcoming and passionate bunch, so don’t be afraid to ask any questions you think might be embarrassing.  

Try before you buy

Is there a better reason to step foot in a vape shop? Trying before you buy is a great way to sample the very best vaping has to offer while discovering some new flavours. The guidance offered by vaping pros is also a massive help when you’re trying out some new e-liquids (we’d recommend some Red Astaire, but that’s just us).   Unfortunately, strolling through the vapour filled doors of your local vape shop is one of the small luxuries that the beginning of 2020 took away from us - but vape shops are now back open across Europe! Supporting small businesses and rebuilding those vital communities is a small step back to normality. So - get out there and start vaping!"