Vaping 101: Our Top Ten Tips For Beginners

October 26 2020

Vaping 101: Our Top Ten Tips For Beginners
Vaping 101: Our Top Ten Tips For Beginners
"Getting stuck into the vaping world can seem overwhelming at first. Never let that put you off - if you’re thinking of ditching smoking, vaping is the best way to keep away from cigarettes. Once you get the hang of things, it’ll become a breeze. Even so, we all need a little helping hand sometimes - so here’s ten of our top tips for vaping newbies.  

Go premium

If you’re in - you’re all in. Buying the best will always ensure you’re keeping the standards high and vaping isn’t any different. Premium e-liquids will take your vaping experience to another level, with higher quality e-liquids and vaping equipment.  

Keep cleaning

Keeping up a consistent cleaning routine is really important for any vaper. Without regular tank and vaporiser maintenance, the standards will slowly slip and your vaping will be less enjoyable. Check out our blog on cleaning your vape tank to get you started in the right way.  

Know your ratios

Finding out your preferred ratios is something all vapers have to go through at the beginning. This takes some experimentation, but finding your preferences is always satisfying. Higher VG liquids have smoother sensations and thicker clouds, but lower VG gives a better throat hit and flavour delivery.  

Find your taste

As with ratios, finding the flavours for you takes a little exploring. Flavour chasing is all part of the fun, so we’d recommend trying out as many blends as you can to find your preferences. A special favourite of the vaping community is the berry burst of Red Astaire, which is always the most exciting place to start.  

Change up coils

It’s easy to forget, but changing your coils is one of the most important parts of maintaining your vaporiser. Depending on the amount you vape, it could either be once a week or a month that you need to swap them out. A burning taste in your vape is something we all want to avoid.  

Keep extra batteries

Running out of charge when you’re desperate for a crafty vape can be very frustrating. We’d suggest keeping extra batteries handy to make sure you’re not missing out on vaping just when you need it most.  


Whether it’s e-liquids, equipment or ratios, one of the best parts of joining the vaping world is the huge amount of variety. Have some fun and experiment with as many set ups as you can. You’ll find your favourites in no time.  

Don’t get vaper’s tongue 

Switching things up and experimenting will also help you avoid the dreaded vaper’s tongue. This occurs when your sense of taste is numbed down with too many vapes of the same flavour. The best way to combat vaper's tongue? Stay hydrated and switch up your flavours once in a while.  

Join the community

We may be a bit biased, but we think the vaping community is the best in the world. It’s full of engaging, passionate and like-minded people who embrace new vapers with open arms. Get involved!  

Check out your local vape shop

There’s never been a more crucial year to support local businesses than 2020. Get down to your local vape shop and experience being around other vapers. You can pick up some top tips there too!   We know how tough quitting smoking can be. While vaping might seem complicated at first, the reality is the opposite is true. If you’re just jumping into the world of vaping, follow these top tips to get the most out of your e-liquids."