Twenty Reasons To Quit Smoking Today

June 11 2020

Twenty Reasons To Quit Smoking Today
Twenty Reasons To Quit Smoking Today
"Every smoker has thought of good reasons to quit, but they are usually forced to the back of their minds. We understand that cigarettes are hard to give up (heck, most of us used to smoke too) which is why it’s time to face the truth. Here are twenty reasons to quit smoking today.   

1. Live longer 

Let’s not beat around the bush - half of all long-term smokers die prematurely from smoking-related diseases including, heart disease, lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. It’s a horrible fact, but it can’t be ignored.  

2. Help your lungs

Struggle to go running or even walk up the stairs? We hear you. However, within just a few days of quitting, your airways begin to open up and relax. Fast forward to 9 months smoke-free and your lung capacity improves by up to 10%.  

3. Put some pep in your step

Your blood circulation can improve within a few weeks of quitting smoking - the extra oxygen in your system can reduce tiredness and make physical activity (e.g. walking, running) much easier.  

4. Improve your swimmers and receivers

Quitting smoking doesn’t make sex better, it makes it more effective - men’s sperm is more effective and the lining of the woman’s womb is more receptive when you’re smoke-free.  

5. Enjoy your food and drink

Your smell and taste improve immensely when you quit smoking, which means all of the food and drink you love will taste even better.


6. Look younger 

Smoking reduces the body’s ability to generate new skin, which leads to dreaded wrinkles and other signs of ageing.   7. Better teeth: sweeter breath Smoking causes stains in your teeth and can also lead to gum disease and tooth damage. Plus, stale smoking breath is about as far from minty-fresh as is humanly possible.  

8. Save money 

Smoking is expensive. If you’re a light smoker on half a pack of the cheapest cigarettes a day, you would spend over £1,400 a year. That’s enough for a holiday - with change to spare.  

9. Quit for your career

Smokers are less likely to be employed and earn larger salaries than non-smokers. If you’re looking to get promoted or change jobs, quitting smoking might be a good additional point for your CV.  

10. Sleep better

Quit smoking and you’ll find that your forty winks are a lot easier to catch. Smokers are four times more likely to feel unrested after a night’s sleep.  

11. No more shivering

Would you really choose to stand in the freezing cold or wet every half an hour, if you weren’t a smoker? Just saying.  

12. Stress less

Some smokers say that cigarettes help them deal with stress but, in the long-run, cigarettes make stress much worse as your body has to deal with nicotine withdrawals on top of the stress you’re experiencing.  

13. No more sick days 

Quitting smoking improves your immune system, which means you’ll spend more of the year in good health.  

14. Revalue your time

Let’s say you’re a light smoker on 10 a day and it takes you around 5 minutes to smoke a cigarette - that’s 50 minutes a day, 5.8 hours a week, almost a day each month and over 11 days each year spent smoking. Think of the things you could do. Tick-tock.  

15. Smoking smells

No offence intended, but smokers stink - it’s only once you’ve quit smoking that you realise how much cigarette smoke smells on your clothes, in your hair, on your skin and in your house.  

16. Give your ego a boost

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, and proving to yourself that you can do it can open up new doors for your ego. Once you can do something that hard, you’ll feel like you can do anything.  

17. Heal quicker

Your body doesn’t work as well when you’re a smoker - one weird way this is proven is by the fact that non-smokers’ cuts and wounds heal quicker than smokers’.  

18. Be a good role model

Those people with parents and/or siblings who smoke are around three times more likely to smoke themselves. We all know that smoking is harmful - so being smoke-free is a good way to set an example.  

19. Look to the future

If you want to have a clear-sight of the future, smoking won’t do you any favours. Smoking increases your chances of developing cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration.  

20. Protect your family

Whether your family consists of children, a partner or pets - you can protect them by quitting. Second-hand smoke exposes them to the same dangers that you face by smoking.   We understand that smoking is difficult to quit, but almost all of us at T-Juice were once smokers. Believe us when we say that it’s worth it. If you’re looking to quit or at least cut down on cigarettes, vaping could be a great option for you. Vaping is proven to be more effective than medication alone at helping smokers to quit.   Sources https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/quit-smoking/ http://www.chestnet.org/ https://ash.org.uk/information-and-resources/"