Tobacco Rocks – New Flavour Spotlight

July 09 2021

Tobacco Rocks – New Flavour Spotlight
Tobacco Rocks – New Flavour Spotlight
"We’re introducing a brand-new range called Tobacco Rocks, for all your classic tobacco lovers out there. Tobacco Rocks combined three tried and tested flavours, as well as three new flavours that we know you’re going to love. In the Tobacco Rocks range you’ll find flavours that are perfect throughout the entire day. From pairing with your early morning coffee, to an after-dinner experience.

The flavours included in Tobacco Rocks are:

Java Juice

Java Juice blends tobacco and coffee flavours, resulting in a taste reminiscent of old morning routines. On the first inhale of this unique flavour, you’ll be greeted with a soft tobacco note, before a roasted coffee becomes apparent. As you exhale you can expect the coffee notes to develop into a distinctly sweet milky finish. This lingers on the tastebuds. The perfect addition to our new tobacco range.

Golden Tobacco Mint

Perfect for those looking to switch away from menthol products. Golden Tobacco Mint is the first Menthol Tobacco flavour we have added to the T-Juice range. The taste of lightly toasted tobacco is accompanied by a cool menthol on inhale, which is balanced with a sweet minty note on exhale. With our new tobacco range we’re bringing you something different, something bold and new.

Rock N Rolling

For those seeking the taste of ‘roll your own’ tobacco, look no further than Rock ‘N’ Rolling. A new addition to the T-Juice brand, this rounded Virginia tobacco flavour blends strong earthy tobacco notes before developing a mellow, woody finish. Tobacco Rocks isn’t just about new and innovative, we understand that there is a place for classic flavour – this is what you’ll get with Rock N Rolling.

UK Smokes

UK Smokes provides a unique tobacco flavour experience, which remains reassuringly familiar. The subtle and smooth tobacco taste of Burley leaves is combined with a smoky Latakia note which builds in intensity when exhaled.


TY4 is no ordinary tobacco flavour. Combining an unmistakable Virginia tobacco with roasted nuts and a caramelised sugar note, TY4 balances bitter sensations with a wonderful, sweet exhale. Tried and tested, this is a great tobacco flavour both for smokers looking to make the switch, and experienced tobacco aficionados. An old timer now, a classic, but right at home in the Tobacco Rocks range.

Tobacco Crunch

Tobacco Crunch is a brand-new T-Juice flavour that perfectly balances smoky tobacco with a sweet cookie crunch. A Virginia tobacco note is prominent on the first inhale, followed by a quick balance with a sugary biscuit taste. A distinct vanilla builds on the exhale, making this flavour the perfect pairing for your morning coffee. Still a relative newcomer to the T-Juice family but the perfect addition to the Tobacco Rocks Range and proving to be very popular.


The Tobacco Rocks range has something for everyone from sweeter tobacco flavours, menthol, and traditional tobaccos. You can find the flavours from the Tobacco Rocks range here. Get yours today."