The Vaping 411: An Introduction To Vaping

November 11 2020

The Vaping 411: An Introduction To Vaping
The Vaping 411: An Introduction To Vaping
"First things first - welcome! If you’re a smoker looking to escape the clutches of tobacco, you’ve come to the right place. Vapers are one of the most welcoming, exciting and genuinely helpful communities on the internet. Made up of many ex-smokers, you’ll be joining the 54% of UK vapers. They have managed to ditch cigarettes through the wonderful world of vaping. Whether you’ve just made the jump or you’re a smoker thinking about quitting, here’s an introduction to your soon-to-be favourite hobby.   


When you’re first introduced to the vaping world, some of the lingo can seem quite overwhelming. Don’t worry, this is a gradual learning process and you won’t even need to think about things like sub-ohm vaping or concentrates for a little while. The best place to get started is with a solid, durable and accessible vaporiser such as the Smok Nord 2 Kit. Easing yourself slowly into vaping is the best way to pick up all the information you need. Start simple and then move onto some of the more complicated stuff later. In our opinion, the best part about vaping is the huge range of flavours and tastes available right from the start. From the berry blast of our famous Red Astaire to the sweet sensations of Colonel Custard. There’s no end to the massive variety of vape juice on offer. If you’re used to smoking those taste suppressing cigarettes, you’ll notice the explosion of flavour that comes with our e-liquids even more. Also, you’ve probably realised that many e-liquids come in different strengths. Find the right nicotine strength that staves off your cravings from cigarettes first before trying to reduce your nicotine levels too quickly.

Join a vaping community

A big part of becoming a vaper is joining the community, especially as a beginner. As we’ve said previously, the vaping community is incredibly useful if you’re just starting out. If you’re struggling with names or need some expert advice, head to a forum or online group. You'll get all the answers you need. We’d also suggest joining our communities on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Just to keep up with all the latest vaping news - we also run plenty of competitions so you can win some top-notch prizes! Vaping shops are the heart and soul of vaping communities and have begun to play a huge role in high streets across the country. If you want to get offline and meet some vapers face to face - there’s nowhere better to go. Vape shops have a huge variety of e-liquids for you to experiment with, so pop down and support your local business. After years of misconceptions and falsehoods, vaping is finally being understood as the ideal method of ditching cigarettes. Made in the UK with nicotine and diluents from trusted suppliers, there’s no better place to start your vaping journey than T-Juice."