T-Tips: How To Mix Your Own E-Liquid

September 21 2020

T-Tips: How To Mix Your Own E-Liquid
T-Tips: How To Mix Your Own E-Liquid

Tips on how to mix your own e-liquids

Do you want to get your creative juices flowing? You might be ready to take your vaping to the next level by going DIY. With our DIY kits, it’s never been easier. Wondering where to start? Here’s our step-by-step guide on creating the perfect e-liquid mix.

Step 1 - Safety and preperation

First things first - safety and preparation. Make sure you have all the appropriate gear at your disposal, including latex gloves, syringes, bottles and measuring jugs, as well as a clear space for mixing. Also, get yourself some nicotine, a base mix or separate PG and VG liquids, as well as your favourite T-Juice flavours!

Step 2 - Measure out your VG and PG, nicotine and concentrates

Let’s get started. Check out some online vape juice calculators and measure out all your VG, PG, nicotine and concentrates using your syringe, placing them into separate empty bottles. We recommend mixing T-Juice concentrates at a 20% ratio for the best experience.

Step 3 - Mix your PG/nicotine solution in your main bottle

After everything is measured out, mix your PG/nicotine solution in your main bottle first. Keep in mind the importance of shaking this solution really well.
Tip: If you’re mixing nicotine, make sure you dissolve it into your PG first. This allows for easier mixing and better flavouring.

Step 4 - Add your VG and concentrates

When you have your PG/nicotine base in the main bottle, add your VG and then your favourite concentrates.

Step 5 - Shake your liquid solution

Give your solution another big shake to get everything perfectly blended.

Step 6 - Testing time

Testing time. Drop your solution onto an RDA or into your tank to see if you’ve got the balances right. Don’t be too despondent if it’s not right the first time! Keep experimenting and you’ll get a truly unique flavour.
Tip: If you’re not too impatient, steeping (leaving your mix to stand) can increase the smoothness and richness of your mix.

Step 7 - Start Vaping

Happy with the taste? Get vaping and see what you think. If it’s not right, stay creative and you’ll end up hitting the perfect spot eventually. Going DIY can be more fun, creative and affordable than buying pre-mixed e-liquids and using our special DIY Kits is the perfect place to start. Stick by these steps and you’ll concoct an e-liquid flavour perfectly suited to your tastes. Let us know what mixes you’ve come up with!"