Staying Smoke-Free: How To Spot And Stop Your Craving Triggers

February 05 2021

Staying Smoke-Free: How To Spot And Stop Your Craving Triggers
Staying Smoke-Free: How To Spot And Stop Your Craving Triggers
"Quitting smoking isn’t easy. Even those who quit years ago occasionally feel the tug and pull of cigarettes. Whether it's a whiff of smoke or watching your friends puffing away, it can only take one trigger to set your quitting journey back. No matter what part of the path you’re on, spotting those triggers early can be the difference between switching and relapsing. To give you a helping hand, we’ve got together some common triggers and advice on how to stop them.  

Physical withdrawals

If you’ve only just quit, you may be struggling with physical withdrawals from nicotine. This can come in the form of irritability, trouble sleeping or even flu-like symptoms. Making sure that you have an e-liquid with the right nicotine strength for you is crucial to managing the initial intensity stages of switching. Get in touch and we can discuss your options with you.  


If you’ve had years of a consistent daily smoking routine, it’s crucial that you occupy that time with something else. Whether you’re used to your morning cigarette or a quick afternoon smoke break at 3pm, vaping can act as an alternative for those times when you were previously smoking. Anticipate the times of day you’d usually have a smoke and keep your vape device handy.  

Emotional stress

The emotional roots of addiction run deeper than most of us would care to admit. When we start to notice those feelings of anxiety, depression and stress coming up to the surface, it can be all too easy to get dragged back down with a cigarette. When you’re struggling with your stress, don’t just reach for your vape device - reach out to others online and discuss your journey in our huge vaping communities too.  


When you’re down the pub with your mates after work, the smoking triggers inevitably begin to bubble up. Many ex-smokers can feel those cravings strongly when their friends go outside for a smoke. One Solution? Vaping. Not only will you be able to satisfy those distracting cravings, but you won’t be missing out on any of the chat. We’d also suggest getting your vape primed and ready to go, so you can get rid of those cravings without faffing around.   Vaping is the most effective tool for quitting smoking and enjoying a smoke-free life. Grab a vaping taster pack, join the community and banish smoking for good! If you’re keen to learn more about vaping itself, check out our guide for beginners. "