Quick Maths: How Much You'd Save If You Vaped Instead Of Smoked For A Year

August 17 2020

Quick Maths: How Much You'd Save If You Vaped Instead Of Smoked For A Year
Quick Maths: How Much You'd Save If You Vaped Instead Of Smoked For A Year
"We all know how much you have to cough up for smoking. After taking into account the health benefits, the reason many vapers turn their back on smoking is money. Most articles vastly underestimate the amount you could save on making the simple switch away from tobacco. That’s why we’ve decided to gather our mathematical experts to calculate just how much you could be saving every day, week, month and year.

How much smoking costs

Of course, everybody has different habits, so calculating by averages is the best way forward. According to the NHS, the average smoker in the UK smokes 10 cigarettes a day, which comes to 3.5 packs a week and 182 packs a year. A standard pack then burns a £11.12 shaped hole in their pocket. Here are the costs: Average Smoker cost:
  • Daily for the average smoker: £6.02
  • Weekly for average smoker: £42.16
  • Monthly for average smoker: £168.65
  • Yearly for average smoker: £2,023.84
Pack a day smoker cost:
  • Daily for pack a day smoker: £11.12
  • Weekly for pack a day smoker: £77.84
  • Monthly for pack a day smoker: £311.36
  • Yearly for pack a day smoker: £4,047.68

How much vaping costs

Now, let’s take vaping into account. The standard vaper purchasing 3x 10ml bottles weekly, at £4.99, spends £778.44 per year on e-liquids. Of course, we also have to bear in mind hardware costs. Purchasing the fantastic Innokin Endura T18II at £25.98 is a brilliant place to start for any beginner. With each coil lasting around a week and available in packs of 5 for £8.99 from our site, total hardware costs come to £124.87 in the first year. Here’s a breakdown of the overall costs: Average Vaper cost:
  • Daily for average T-Juice vaper: £2.69
  • Weekly for average T-Juice vaper: £18.82
  • Monthly for average T-Juice vaper: £75.28
  • Yearly for average T-Juice vaper: £903.31

The results

Here are the annual savings for smokers deciding to make the switch to T-Juice:
  • Savings annually for an average smoker: £1,120.53
  • Savings annually for a pack a day smoker: £3,144.37
A T-Juice vaper moving away from an ‘average’ smoking habit is set to save a whopping £1,120.53, with a pack a day smoker saving £3,144.37. We know what you’re thinking: that’s a fancy new car, a month-long Australian getaway or a massive injection into your rainy day fund. Money like this doesn’t come around often and the effects are truly life changing. These figures are astonishing when considering we haven’t even taken into account the added costs of medical and respiratory issues most smokers face. Increases in the cost of tobacco have been sharply rising over the past decade too and this won’t slow down anytime soon. Also, an added bonus for anyone worried about their consumption levels is that there’s no need to compensate for your intake. Rather than spending more on a higher volume of e-liquid, you can use a higher nicotine strength instead. An addiction like smoking can force people to commit to ever increasing prices for a harmful product, alongside supporting the immoral tobacco industry. The facts are on our side and we want to give you control of your wallet again. Start your vaping journey with us and you’ll be on the first plane to Spain. With numbers like these, it’s truly game over for smoking."