Juggling Act: How To Progress From Dual-Using

February 18 2021

Juggling Act: How To Progress From Dual-Using
Juggling Act: How To Progress From Dual-Using
"We know that it’s hard to let go of cigarettes. Whilst vaping is the ideal cessation tool, dual-using can stand in the way of your quitting progress. Whether it’s a pack on holiday or an occasional ‘cheeky cigarette’ down the pub. You are not doing yourself any favours by giving into smoking. We’ve put together some tips to help you progress from dual-user to fully-fledged vaper.  

Make vaping easy

Making vaping as simple as possible before a break at work or an evening down the pub will stop you from caving into those disruptive triggers. Before you go to sleep, make sure your vape device is filled with your favourite e-liquid and put in an easy-to-reach pocket for the day ahead. The easier you make vaping for yourself, the less chance you have of giving in to your smoking temptations.  

Increase your nicotine

If the reason you’re still dual-using is because your e-liquids aren’t satisfying your cravings, it might be time to increase your nicotine strength. Finding the right balance is vital. Too little nicotine won’t be satisfying and too much may be off-putting. For former pack-a-day smokers, 12mg is a perfect starting point, but experimenting and finding the right strength will help you stop dual-using.  

Explore new flavours

If you’ve stuck by the same flavour during your time as a dual-user, it might be time to switch things up. Experimenting with a variety of different flavours could help you ditch cigarettes for good. Whether you’re craving the smooth tobacco sensations of a UK Smokes or the bright pink lemonade taste of a Green Kelly, the variety of flavours available in the vaping world is massive. Trust us - smoking has nothing on the berry kick of a Red Astaire.

Look for support

Going it alone only adds another unnecessary hurdle to your quitting journey. Fortunately, most people in the vaping community are ex-smokers and understand the difficulties that come with switching. Our FacebookTwitter and Instagram profiles are the perfect place to ignite beneficial conversations between you and other vapers. Not only can you pick up some personal help on stopping your dual-use, but you’ll meet some truly inspirational people too.   While smoking fewer cigarettes may seem sensible enough, it’s important to remember that every cigarette causes harm. Dual-using can make you complacent. It’s vital to understand that you need to kick smoking out altogether to truly overcome your addiction."