Balancing Act: Which Nicotine Strength Is Right For Me?

March 31 2021

Balancing Act: Which Nicotine Strength Is Right For Me?
Balancing Act: Which Nicotine Strength Is Right For Me?
"If you’re new to the vaping world, nicotine strengths can be pretty confusing. The strength of your e-liquids can have an impact on both your chances of quitting cigarettes and the kind of vaping that you experience. We’ve created a handy guide for both new and veteran vapers to help you figure out the best nicotine strength for you.  

The right vaping experience

It’s important to note that the nicotine level you decide on is personal, and it’s important to find the right nicotine strength for you. Depending on your preferences, nicotine levels can affect the taste and feel of e-liquids. Looking for a more pronounced throat hit? Higher nicotine levels are more likely to suit your needs, whereas lower nicotine levels provide a smoother throat hit.  

The correct strength for ex-smokers

From 0mg to 18mg, our e-liquids come in a variety of strengths designed to accommodate all vapers. Vaping is an essential cessation tool, so finding that perfect balance to satisfy your cravings should be at the top of your priority list. We can’t tell you what strength will be right for you and everyone's vaping journey is different and unique to them. It’s important there is a period of trial and error. With that said, it might be an idea to start around 12mg and adjust from there. If this feels too strong then you can always lower, if it’s not enough this is where you might want to consider a higher strength or a 20mg nic salt.  

Nic salts

Still not satisfying your cravings? Nic salts will increase the efficiency of the nicotine delivery that you experience from your vape. Alongside this nic salts deliver a smoother throat hit, which gives you the option to increase the strength of your e-liquid but keep your inhales on the smoother side.   Finding the right nicotine levels for you is a balancing act. For ex-smokers looking to start their vaping journey, it’s crucial not to give up when you’re vape isn’t satisfying your cravings. Increase your nicotine strength and you’ll be joining a growing community of ex-smokers."