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6 reviews for Clara-T Concentrate

  1. Kinzey23 (verified owner)

    This is such a fresh vape, Everyone who tries it likes it. The only flavour I vape. (Although I do like RED) day in day out it’s an all day everyday vape, that never gets old. Not too harsh not dull at all. I mix 10-12% and it’s great. I think 15-20% would be too strong. I live/love this stuff. Don’t even bother trying other juice anymore.. have used Clara-T for couple big years now. The only flavour for me. Recommend 12% flavour 60/40 PG-VG. I make to 1.5mg/ml NIC but that is my strength these days. … 60ml Clara t/140ml PG/300ml VG/10.4ml 7.2% NIC.

  2. Jonathan Smith

    Slightly more fruity than Red Astaire and has a lovely minty cool taste to follow.
    It’s very refreshing and not harsh in the slightest.
    For me it’s an all day vape that I don’t tire of or numb to the flavour as the day goes on.
    The refreshing taste is such a pleasure when bakery flavours are getting dull.

  3. Craig_Fife (verified owner)

    Been vaping Clara T for over 2 years.
    I keep trying other flavours ,but always return after a few tanks worth lol .
    Best flavour ever in my opinion.

  4. Aleksi (verified owner)

    All day vape.

  5. Aleksi (verified owner)

    All day vape period. 🙂

  6. Michael (verified owner)

    Well, second review of this concentrate. Last was lost after a website update a couple of years ago. Apparently, looking through my order details, I’ve made up and vaped about 4 litres of this in the past two years. So I guess I’ve worked my way through at least 10 litres of this. Can’t remember when it was T-Juice said Red now has a rival. Red just a tad too sweet for me, so moved onto Clara. Non vapers it would appear also like the smell, so that’s a bonus as well. An excellent ADV. My normal mix is 15% in an 80/20 VG/PG base made up to a 3mg nic.

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