• Proudly made in the UK

• Available in 10ml & 30ml bottles

• An equal VG/PG ratio

• Features a tamper evident seal and childproof cap

• Emissions tested and toxicologically screened

It’s with pride that we can tell you that all of our e-liquids are made within the UK. Every product is designed with pharmaceutical grade nicotine and diluents that are derived from UK suppliers we trust.

Ingredients banned by European regulation are not included in our e-liquids and we ensure that we’re knowledgeable on all contemporary scientific evidence so that we can screen our products against an internal list of negatives. Meeting regulations and constantly building upon the quality of our product range is of paramount importance to us.

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5 reviews for Clara-T Concentrate

  1. Kinzey23 (verified owner)

    This is such a fresh vape, Everyone who tries it likes it. The only flavour I vape. (Although I do like RED) day in day out it’s an all day everyday vape, that never gets old. Not too harsh not dull at all. I mix 10-12% and it’s great. I think 15-20% would be too strong. I live/love this stuff. Don’t even bother trying other juice anymore.. have used Clara-T for couple big years now. The only flavour for me. Recommend 12% flavour 60/40 PG-VG. I make to 1.5mg/ml NIC but that is my strength these days. … 60ml Clara t/140ml PG/300ml VG/10.4ml 7.2% NIC.

  2. Jonathan Smith

    Slightly more fruity than Red Astaire and has a lovely minty cool taste to follow.
    It’s very refreshing and not harsh in the slightest.
    For me it’s an all day vape that I don’t tire of or numb to the flavour as the day goes on.
    The refreshing taste is such a pleasure when bakery flavours are getting dull.

  3. Craig_Fife (verified owner)

    Been vaping Clara T for over 2 years.
    I keep trying other flavours ,but always return after a few tanks worth lol .
    Best flavour ever in my opinion.

  4. Aleksi (verified owner)

    All day vape.

  5. Aleksi (verified owner)

    All day vape period. 🙂

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