Tanks and Atomizers

One of the first big step of becoming a committed vaper is fine-tuning your equipment! And one of the main ways to do this is to customise your device.

Why should I customise my device?

In simple terms, all vaping devices work pretty much in the same way. E-liquid is absorbed by the atomiser which heats the e-liquid to produce the vapour you inhale. However, when you customise your device, you can tweak this process – which essentially changes your vaping experience.

You could want:

  •         Bigger clouds
  •         More flavour
  •         e-liquid to last longer in your device

This is why customising your device is a great way to finely-tune your experience to your preferences. 

Customising your battery/mod

The battery/mod is the heart of your device, it provides the power which transforms into heat in the atomiser. Customising your vape device via the battery/mod is a fairly simple process. You just need to select a battery/mod that can adjust its power settings digitally.

So why should you customise your mod? 

The vape battery adjusts its power settings in a few ways. You can adjust the wattage, the voltage, the temperature or all three. These three variables will adjust the rate at which you heat up the e-liquid, which results in different flavours and vapour production.

Customising the atomiser 

So, what is an atomiser?

It’s the part of the device which heats up your e-liquid and turns it into vapour. The part of the atomiser that is the most customisable in the wick is the coil (i.e. the metal parts which heat up the e-liquid).

Why should I customise my atomiser? 

Customising your coil is all about resistance, which is measured in Ohms. Essentially, if the Ohm is high, less vapour will be produced, the vapour will be colder, and the e-liquid will last longer. If the Ohm is low, more vapour will be produced, the vapour will be warmer, and the e-liquid will be used at a quicker rate. 

In conclusion

No matter how you would like to customise your device, the main thing to remember is balance. Your atomiser must be able to withstand the power of your battery/mod, and vice versa – there’s no point having a super-resistant atomiser with a relatively weak battery/mod. Customising your vape device opens up a whole new world of vaping, where you can fine-tune the experience you are looking for. Once you’ve got your head around how to customise your device, you can create multiple ones to choose from – creating several experiences you can match up to your mood on the day!