T-Juice Rebooted

T-Juice has led the vape industry for 9 years on vaping quality standards, manufacturing practices, product stewardship, and helped millions of smokers quit across 30 countries. Throughout our history we’ve never been afraid to innovate and evolve in order to achieve our ambition of helping as many people to quit smoking and stay smoke-free.

Welcome to T-Juice. Rebooted. A new look for your favourite flavours, with some familiar newcomers.

Our brand-new look combines striking visuals with an innovative design system to help you quickly identify the right vaping experience for you. In consultation with vapers, we have identified which of our product formats are the most accessible, and which ones require some further knowledge. This informed the development of the packaging’s grey system – the easier a product is to use, the darker its packaging, and therefore product formats with lighter packaging require some extra expertise.

To help you identify flavours quickly, each T-Juice flavour has been assigned a unique colour which represents its flavour profile. The flavour’s colour is displayed prominently on the packaging as part of the iconic T-Juice bolt.

Talking of flavours, our rebranded range encompasses 18 of our bestselling flavours across Fruit, Mint & Menthol, Sweet & Dessert, Tobacco, and Beverage flavour categories. Every flavour is now available in every product format including Nicotine Base, Nicotine Salts, Shortfill, Concentrate and Longfill, meaning you can enjoy your flavour, your way.

As for those familiar newcomers, we’re proud to introduce four flavours from our sister brands which are appearing exclusively as part of the T-Juice brand for the first time.

Gins Addiction:

Lizzy Rascal:

Norther Lights:

Nice Lemon Slice:

Check out the new rebooted T-Juice range now, and keep your eyes peeled for a couple of more surprises we’ve got coming soon!