Integrated vs Vape Batteries

There are so many options when it comes to choosing your vaping equipment. When you buy your new device, your mind can easily focus on the coolest mod, the newest atomisers and the latest technology you can get your hands on.

However, enough credit isn’t given to the humble battery. The battery is the heart of your device, it decides what power is transferred to the coil which determines the way the e-liquid is heated up. The power that the battery provides is at the core of the way you vape. Therefore, one of the main things you need to consider when buying your vape is the battery. We’re going to give you the lowdown on Integrated vs Removable batteries.

Integrated Batteries

So, what are integrated batteries? They are the simpler of the two vape battery types. They form part of two kinds of device: a vape pen or a compact mod.

A vape pen combines the battery, technology, and tank all as one singular piece of equipment. Most of them are easily recharged by removing the tank and screwing a charging lead to the connector, or by the use of a micro USB port. They are the simplest power source you can use for an e-cigarette. Vape pen batteries are very simple to use and can be the perfect choice for newcomers to vaping. However, they do have a limited battery life. Even when they are charged properly, this kind of device won’t last an average vaper for all day without recharging.

Then there are compact mods. These are slightly more sophisticated pieces of kit which allow you to adjust the power and give you temperature control, which is ideal for intermediate vapers who want a more personalised vaping experience. They are charged via a micro USB port and also have a longer battery life than vape pens, with most versions lasting an average vaper all day.

All integrated batteries, whether they are in a vape pen or compact mod have the same problem: they will eventually die completely and not be able to be recharged.

Removable Batteries

The biggest advantage to removable batteries is that you can effectively never run out of power. They carry a lot more power than integrated batteries and as long as you carry a few charged batteries spare, you can replace the old ones and carry on vaping. This means that you get all the advantages of an advanced mod without having to rely on a plug. This option is great for experienced and heavy vape users, who want to leave the house in the assurance that they’re going to vape as much as they like.

The only problem with removable batteries is that you need to be experienced. Using removable batteries means having to know your stuff: you need to know the right ones for your device, how long they can be charged for and what kind of charger they need. If you get any of this wrong, you can end up damaging your device.

In conclusion

Whether you’re somebody buying your first vaping device, or a seasoned pro picking your next new toy, you should make sure that you consider the type of vape battery you’re using. There are major pros and cons to both, and what it essentially comes down to is preference. Our recommendations are as follows:

If you’re a lighter vape, get a vape pen or simple compact mod with an integrated battery.

If you’re an intermediate vaper get a sophisticated compact mod with an integrated battery.

And if you’re a seasoned vaper, you’ll know what you want anyway!