Getting The Right Starter Kit

With such a wide variety available, choosing your first starter kit can have your head in a spin. To help you think clearly, we’ve created a guide – all the relevant information for you to get started on your journey.

Closed Pod Devices

These devices are by far the cheapest and the easiest to use on the market. They use a re-fillable cartridge system, whereby the cartridges containing the e-liquid has to be replaced when it runs out. The main body contains the battery and the heating element that vaporises the e-liquid, this can be recharged usually with a micro USB port. There is no button or settings to these devices, to vape with them simply inhale like you would if you were smoking.


  •       Cheap to buy
  •       Easy to use
  •       Ultra-portable
  •       Re-fillable cartridges are widely available


  •       Limited vapour
  •       Less vapour
  •       Limited battery life

Recommended for: Ex social smokers or very light smokers that will be vaping for short periods of time.

Disposable Tank Mod

These devices are slightly more expensive but provide much better performance. The main body on these mods contains a button: the button usually has a five-click on and off setting and must be held down when inhaling. Additionally, they have a tank which can be refilled with e-liquid until the heating element burns out, at which point they must be discarded and replaced. The refillable nature of these devices makes them cheaper to run than a pod device.


  •       Cheaper to use
  •       Closed pod
  •       More vapour and flavour
  •       4-6x longer battery life


  •       Must be refilled by hand
  •       Larger in size

Recommended for: Light to moderate ex-smokers that are sceptical about vaping

Tank Mod

These devices are the best quality starter kits you can buy and provide premium vaping performance. They have main body which has the battery and button on/off function but may also have some additional technology features. These may include temperature control and/or power settings which will adjust vapour production and flavour. Their tanks can also be re-filled with e-liquid, but they aren’t disposable. Instead, they contain a replaceable coil which must be replaced when it is burnt out.


  •       Cheapest to use
  •       Best vapour and flavour
  •       Longest battery life


  •       More complicated technology
  •       Largest in size
  •       Most expensive to buy

Recommended for: Moderate to heavy smokers that are ready to start their vaping journey

We hope this guide has given you enough starter kit knowledge to make an informed decision to start your vaping journey. There’s no right or wrongs when it comes to picking your first device.

Just consider how much you want to spend, how much you’re going to use it, and how much you used to smoke (if you’re an ex-smoker) then adjust accordingly.

Start your journey today!