Concentrates Explained

With the mind-boggling number of flavours available on the market, it’s no wonder that lots of vapers have a go at creating their own flavours! Experimenting with different taste combinations and VG/PG ratios can open a whole new vaping experience! Arguably the key component to doing this right is selecting your concentrates.

DIY it your own way

Concentrate is the part of your DIY e-liquid that contains the flavour. Much like the name suggests, it is a concentrated, extra-strength version of its flavour. In more recent years, concentrates have become increasingly popular for vapers, so you can make your own e-liquids.

The concentrate must be added to three other elements in order to be diluted and form a tasty (and vapeable!) e-liquid: Vegetable Glycerin (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG) and Nicotine.

Normally, a concentrate will need to be added at a ratio of 15-20% to a DIY e-liquid to provide the right amount of flavour. However, depending on the concentrate, the VG/PG mix – as well as your vaping device itself – this can vary slightly.

This might all be starting to sound like a science experiment, and that’s because it kind of is! Trialling and experimenting with different flavour combinations like a crazy-vape-scientist is one of the best parts of using concentrates and making your own e-liquid.

Are you looking for an e-liquid that’s somewhere between your two favourite e-liquids on the flavour scale, Buy our concentrate flavours mix them together! There are literally no limits to the amount of combinations you can make when you use concentrates. Well, that’s only if you consider over one million options limiting – that’s how many flavour combinations you can make with 20 different concentrates!

Create unique flavours

Your whole vaping experience can change because of the totally unique flavours that concentrates allow you to make. You could even discover flavours previously undiscovered simply by mixing up your own unique recipe of concentrates. For many vapers, going down this route has already transformed the way that they vape – everything’s available for you to join them, it’s all up to you.