DIY Concentrate PG+ VG Bundle

Our DIY concentrate PG/VG Bundle gives you everything you need to create your own e-liquid all from one bundle.

Choose from any of our T-Juice concentrate flavours. This bundle includes:

  • 30ml bottle of concentrate
  • 60ml bottle of PG
  • 2 x 60ml bottle of VG

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DIY concentrate PG+ VG Bundle

What is PG ?

PG or Propylene Glycol is a diluent used in the creation of DIY e-liquids. PG is an excellent carrier for flavours and also contributes to the throat hit. On the other hand, PG doesn’t produce much vapour and is also too fluid to be used on its own, and is therefore always combined with VG.

What is VG ?

VG or Vegetable Glycerine is a diluent used in the creation of DIY e-liquids. VG is the main source of vapour in e-liquids. The more VG in a mix, the denser and thicker the vapour. It also tends to reduce the throat hit and to add a little sweetness to aromas. VG is very thick and a poor carrier for flavour, which is why it is rarely used without PG.

• UK Made
• 30ml Concentrate Bottle
• 60ml PG
• 60ml VG
• Tamper Evident Seal
• Childproof Cap

T-Juice products are manufactured in the UK. We’ve bottled the same UK sourced pharmaceutical grade VG and PG when making all of our e-liquids, so you can achieve the best results when mixing your T-Juice Concentrates.

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