What is a longfill?

What is a longfill?
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What is a longfill?

A longfill is a 60ml bottle containing 20ml of flavour concentrate. They are the perfect choice for vapers that want to save money on their favourite flavour by mixing in their own nicotine and base mix to create their own e-liquid. 

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How do you use a longfill?

Simply select your favourite T-Juice longfill flavour, and how many nicotine shots and base mix shots you need to create your preferred e-liquid strength - there’s more info on this in the question: ‘How many nicotine shots do I need for a longfill?: below. 

Once you’ve added your nicotine shots, shake up the mixture thoroughly and leave it in a cool dark place to steep for two to three weeks. After this time, shake once more and continue to use your longfill e-liquid mix like any other e-liquid.       

Do longfills contain nicotine?

Longfills do not contain nicotine. 

The idea behind a longfill is for vapers that want to save money on their favourite longfill flavours adding their own preferred number of nicotine shots and base mix to create up to 60ml of e-liquid. 


Why should I choose a longfill?

If you’re looking to save money on your favourite T-Juice longfill flavours, we recommend buying a longfill.

Any vaper that also wants to adjust their favourite T-Juice longfill flavours by creating their own PG/VG and nicotine strength mix, will benefit from a longfill. There is 40ml of space to add the shots you want.


What is the difference between longfill and shortfill?

The main difference between a shortfill and a longfill is how much flavour concentrate they contain:

  • A shortfill is a 60ml bottle containing 50ml of flavour concentrate
  • A longfill is a 60ml bottle containing 20ml of flavour concentrate

A shortfill is a great choice for vapers that enjoy a low-strength e-liquid of 3ml and below

A longfill is perfect for vapers that want high-strength e-liquid of 6ml and above     


How many nicotine shots do I need for a longfill?

The amount of nicotine shots you need for a longfill depends on the strength you would like your e-liquid to be. Here’s a guide below:

  • 1 x nicotine shot: 3 mg strength e-liquid (30ml)
  • 2 x nicotine shot: 6 mg strength e-liquid (40ml)
  • 3 x nicotine shot: 9 mg strength e-liquid (50ml)
  • 4 x nicotine shot: 12 mg strength e-liquid (60ml)

You would need to top up your longfill with a mix of PG/VG to 60ml if you use less than 4 nic shots before use - check out our full longfill guide here.


Can I vape a longfill e-liquid?

You need to add nicotine shots and/or base mix before vaping e-liquid, as longfill bottles only contain flavour concentrate.

14 October 2020