T-Tips: How to take flavour chasing to the max

T-Tips: How to take flavour chasing to the max
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T-Tips: How to take flavour chasing to the max

Bursting at the seams with a massive variety of flavours, our e-liquids are a flavour chaser’s dream. Even so, making sure you experience the full taste of our sumptuous blends requires a little bit of preparation. If you’ve got everything optimised, your e-liquids will take your vaping up to the next level. With this in mind, we’ve gathered five T-Juice top tips to take your flavour chasing to the max.

Go for the upgrade

First things first, an upgrade might be in order. If you’re using a plastic tank, moving up to a glass tank can seriously improve your flavours. Also, if you’ve got some vaping experience under your belt, upgrading to a sub-ohm vape kit could be a clever move. Serious flavour chasers also know how important coils are, so do some research into this. You could even try building your own, with each material offering subtle changes to the overall experience.

Clean your kit

Let’s be honest, you should clean your vape kit anyway. But if you seriously want to push your flavours to the next level, consistently cleaning your tank, coil and battery connection is a must. Any vaper wanting to take that next step towards a purer flavour experience should take the time to clean their kit thoroughly. 

Reduce your airflow

When you’re on the chase for optimum flavour, adjusting your airflow can make a huge difference. Cloud chasers tend to vape with a high airflow, which can reduce the power of the flavouring. Adjust your airflow to a lower setting and we’re in no doubt that your flavours will start tingling in your tongue again.

Vaper’s tongue

The bane of a flavour chaser’s existence, vaper’s tongue can affect your taste buds after excessive use. Don’t worry, there’s nothing to panic about. After a few days your tongue will be back to normal. In the meantime, we suggest staying hydrated and switching up your flavours. Not only do you get to try a bigger variety of e-liquids, but your taste buds will be less susceptible to vaper’s tongue.

Store your e-liquid correctly

The way you store your flavours can also have a big effect on their flavour. To keep flavours exciting, make sure to keep them out of strong light and away from hot temperatures. Like a fine wine, ‘steeping’ is also a very popular method of storing your e-juice. While this doesn’t work effectively with all e-liquids, leaving your bottle in a cool dark place for an extended period of time can seriously enhance the taste.

While all these adjustments might be small, putting them altogether can really transform your vaping experience. Follow our guide and you’ll be able to take your vaping journey up to new heights. Are you ready to become a true flavour chaser?

28 August 2020