T-Tips: How to refill a vape

T-Tips: How to refill a vape
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T-Tips: How to refill a vape

At some point, almost every vaper has spent time wiping sticky e-liquid off their hands following a clumsy re-fill of their tank. Don’t worry, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to refill your vape and keep the juice in your tank!

1. Start by unscrewing your tank from the body of your vape. Lots of vapers skip this part but shouldn’t - it’s an important safety measure.

2. Unscrew the part of your tank, which reveals the coil - this will be at the base or top depending if you have a bottom or top-fill device.

3. Remove the coil (in most tanks this slides right out) and then place a drop of e-liquid into each of the holes before replacing into your tank. This helps to ‘prime’ the coil and prevents any dry hits, i.e. the burning taste you get on an inhale.

Top tip: Carry a ‘re-fill handkerchief’ around with you. You can use this to lay stuff on, or on your hands to avoid sticky moments.

4. Unscrew the bottom or top of your tank, so the inside is exposed.

5. Take your e-liquid bottle and place the pipette or nozzle on the inside wall of your tank. Slowly squeeze until your tank is full - the fill-line will vary between models.

6. Rescrew the bottom or top of your tank onto the device and then screw the whole tank piece onto the rest of the model.

7. Leave the e-liquid to steep inside the tank for at least 5 minutes - this gives the time for the coil to soak up the e-liquid and provide a nice smooth inhale.

Top tip: Have a few gentle puffs on the mod before taking full inhales, this will help the coil to warm up and will provide a better vape in the long run.

8. Enjoy your vape!

Re-filling your tank without any sticky messes or spillages is something that takes time, but believe us - practice will make perfect. We hope our step-by-step guide will help you to get it right!

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29 May 2020