Introducing the Summertime Blues

Introducing the Summertime Blues
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Introducing the Summertime Blues

We’re delighted to introduce our brand new Summertime Blues range! These cocktail-inspired flavours are designed to excite your taste buds and lift your spirits this summer.

We thought it was about time that we brought you a new range of T-Juice flavours! We wanted to give you minty, cocktail-like flavours that are perfect for cooling off during long sunny days and relaxing on warm summer evenings. 

Each flavour is available either as an e-liquid (in a number of strengths) or as a longfill - a concentrated extract for you to can add your own PG/VG base and your own nicotine strength to - a great choice for vapers that are looking to tailor their experience. Both forms are totally tasty!

Without further ado, let’s introduce you to each flavour: 

Blood Ice Orange 

Just like a tall summer cocktail, this fruity e-liquid has the perfect balance of tartness and sweetness! The tang of blood orange is sweetened by notes of tropical fruits and the aromatic flavour of vanilla is balanced by a cooling menthol exhale. This e-liquid is truly smooth - like a rich summer sunset.


The simplicity of this e-liquid is irresistible. The flavours of smooth cream and aromatic vanilla are sweet and comforting, whilst the icy menthol provides a cool and refreshing finish. This e-liquid delivers exactly what you expect from its sweet, smooth flavour tones - a mellow and flavourful vape that is perfect for using throughout long sunny days. 


This is a mint e-liquid like you’ve never experienced before. The sweet flavours of spearmint are paired with an icy blast of menthol to create an e-liquid that will keep you cool in the hot summer sun! If you’ve been looking for a refreshing and balanced mint flavour, our new Minted could be the new all-day-vape for you.

We hope that our Summertimes Blues range gives you one more reason to celebrate summer, especially during these unusual times. If you’ve been looking for a seasonal e-liquid or concentrate to enjoy in the sun, then the menthol inspired e-liquids in this collection could be just the thing for you.

6 July 2020