Vaping Community

Stop Smoking Stories - Part 2

A few weeks ago, we asked some passionate vapers all about their experiences with smoking. The responses we received were inspirational, moving and genuinely heartwarming.

14 January 2021

Why the vaping community needs to stand together

The vaping community is nothing short of remarkable, with hundreds of online forums, thousands of vape shops and millions of passionate vapers across the country.
11 January 2021

No Tricks, Just Treats: Why vaping isn't scary at all

Pumpkin picking and petrifying parties - there’s no denying Halloween is the spookiest time of the year. If there’s one thing we’re sure of, it’s that vaping definitely isn’t the scary ghost that many people make it out to be.
29 October 2020

What the vape shop is really all about

Any true vaper will understand the importance of the vape shop - they play an essential role in building up communities and forming connections between all sorts of people.
5 October 2020

T-Talk: Why we love vaping

We won’t hide the fact that we love vaping - for lots of us here a T-Juice, it has changed our lives. For smokers that are looking to give up cigarettes for good or for people that want to celebrate along with us, here are the reasons that we think vaping is great.
18 August 2020

T-Talk: How vaping helped me quit

Ever since I was a little kid, I knew that I would try smoking. I am from a family of smokers and grew up with a natural love for the smell and the way that it looked. However, after 16 years of cigarette addiction, I gave up.
10 August 2020

A-List: Six celebs who made the switch to vaping

By now, everyone should have realised that vaping is an effective way to quit smoking but a little bit of celebrity ‘endorsement’ goes a long way.
24 July 2020