A-List: Six celebs who made the switch to vaping

A-List: Six celebs who made the switch to vaping
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A-List: Six celebs who made the switch to vaping

By now, everyone should have realised that vaping is an effective way to quit smoking but a little bit of celebrity ‘endorsement’ goes a long way. Here are eight celebrities who made the switch to vaping. 

Leonardo DiCaprio 

Perhaps the face of celebrity vaping is the Oscar-winning actor, Leonardo DiCaprio - he was the most talked-about actor in the world when he caused an (unnecessary) scandal at the 2016 Screen Actors Guild Awards for vaping. We say that going against the grain for the noble cause of vaping is a role that DiCaprio would definitely win an award for!

Katherine Heigl

Undeniably the most famous display of celebrity support for vaping came from Katherine Heigl when she openly used her e-cigarette on David Letterman and also encouraged the host to try it for himself! She went on to say that vaping was the key to her quitting smoking. We think that was a very brave move from Heigel - respect!

Tom Hardy 

That’s right - the hardest man in showbusiness is giving cigarettes the boot. Tom Hardy has been seen openly vaping during interview breaks and at red carpet events. If you’re not sure whether you think vaping is an effective way to quit cigarettes, go argue with Hardy - we won’t be right behind you!

Jack Nicholson 

An old-school icon who’s famed for his love of smoking cigars is probably the last person you’d expect to quit smoking - but that’s exactly what Nicholson has done. The Oscar-winning actor is hardly known for being one to hide his opinions, which is why every other photo at a red carpet event features his trusty e-cigarette.

Lindsay Lohan

Lohan may have gained a lot of attention for her ‘party girl’ image in the past but that lifestyle is long behind her -  a big part of that transition is her switch from smoking to vaping. She has been seen on many occasions with her vaping device and was perhaps one of the first celebrities who didn’t mind being photographed while she did it - good for you Lohan!

Richard Hammond

We all know that Richard Hammond loves great machinery, which is why you’ll probably see him sporting a chunky vape kit so often! His co-star, Jeremy Clarkson, is quite well-known for his smoking habit, which we think just goes to show that vaping can keep you off cigarettes - even when you’re surrounded by them.

With so much false information circulating around vaping, it’s even more important that celebrities show their love for vaping. Famous people hold a lot of influence and if they can persuade some people to switch from vaping to smoking, that can only be a good thing.

24 July 2020