Come Together: Our favourite vape kits

Whether you’re a vaping expert or just getting started on your smoke-free journey, your set up has a huge impact on your vaping experience.

14 April 2021

Device 101: Your vape device options explained

Vaping can be progressive by nature, and whether you’re a beginner or veteran vaper, the possibilities for optimising your vaping experience are endless.

7 April 2021

Balancing Act: Which nicotine strength is right for me?

If you’re new to the vaping world, nicotine strengths can be pretty confusing. The strength of your e-liquids can have an impact on both your chances of quitting cigarettes and the kind of vaping that you experience.

31 March 2021

T-Juice Explains: What are nic salts?

Struggling to satisfy your cigarette cravings? You’re not alone - many vapers at the start of their quitting journey find it difficult to find the right nicotine balance.
29 March 2021

How e-liquid flavour concentrates could change your vaping experience

If you’re an ex-smoker who has just taken their first step into the world of vaping, the idea of mixing an e-liquid from scratch may seem a little daunting.

26 March 2021

Bloom and Grow: Our tips for refreshing your vaping this spring

If you started your smoke-free journey in the New Year - congratulations! Quitting smoking is always difficult, so making your way to the 3 month mark is something to celebrate.

19 March 2021

How recognising the reasons I smoked helped me to quit

Everyone knows that cigarettes are physically addictive, but what’s often overlooked is the other reasons someone might smoke.
26 February 2021

Juggling Act: How to progress from dual-using

We know that it’s hard to let go of cigarettes, and whilst vaping is the ideal cessation tool, dual-using can stand in the way of your quitting progress.
18 February 2021