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Natural and Whole Leaf Tobacco Extracts

At T-Juice, we perform extractions on organic, and plant matter, to give a more natural and a better consumer experience.

The new ‘tobacco extracts’ range; Primo Verde, Cubana and Ice Queen, all contain tobacco whole leaf extracts (TWLE). We use TWLEs in these juices as it gives tobacco lovers a more satisfying and realistic experience.

We conduct all extractions in a controlled lab environment under the guidance of our Chemist in charge of R&D, and product development. The method we use at present is a form of flavour extraction and double filtration in a propylene glycol (PG) solvent. We avoid using alcohol, as there are associated dangers with heating this product. We have also found that PG is more of a selective solvent than most when heating, and extraction from, this product.

After we have extracted and filtered the solution from the TWLE, the solution is allowed to sit, or steep for up to seven days. After which, we add flavour molecules to further characterise the flavour, or tailor it to customer’s preferences (OEM products only). The fact that the product is derived from a natural base means that there can be very slight fluctuations in the taste of the end product, which are usually hardly noticeable. This also means, in the case of TWLE products, there can be trace levels of carcinogens, which are also known as nitrosamine carcinogens, which contribute to the end product’s realistic flavour.

By this process, we are aiming to give a great tobacco experience without the user actually combusting tobacco leaf, which creates tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of other chemicals. The reason we vape e-liquid, rather than smoke cigarettes, is a matter of harm reduction and social benefit, however using any of these products still presents a risk. The safest method, and best course, is not to ingest any form of tobacco product at all. We have created this type of ‘tobacco extract’ e-liquid to hopefully stop many hard core tobacco smokers reverting back to smoking tobacco.

At T-Juice we are constantly researching and trying to improve our processes. We aim to bring vapers a better experience, with further harm reduction. Our R and D department is now testing other forms of superior solvent extraction.

If you have any queries, or would like to contribute to our research, please email Nigel: