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The T-Juice e-liquid range is appreciated by hundreds of thousands of vapers all over Europe, for it’s complex, unique and industry leading flavours.

The process of creating great e-liquid flavours is both an art and a science. We have learnt about electronic cigarette flavour development from over three years of European e-liquid distribution and manufacture. Our processes are now second to none and we employ five chemists who implement strict quality control, to ensure high standards and continuity of process.

An essential factor to make great e-liquid flavours is the maturing, or steeping process, as it better known by vapers. This is done by leaving the flavouring in different solvents, like propylene glycol, and or, vegetable glycerine for a specified period of time. This process is very similar to the aging process used in wine, some wines benefit from being left for long periods, and some don’t. Flavours need time to develop and fully homogenise to make a complete end product.

All of our ingredients are either sourced in the EU or US, from some of the most reputable suppliers in the world. Good quality products will produce good quality juice, if formulated correctly.

Another factor that dictates the experience you have when vaping, is the type of e-cig hardware you use. Because of this, we test all of our e-liquids on different resistance atomisers, using variable voltage e-cigarette batteries.

We are all very passionate about our juice and what our customers think. Constructive comments help us make better juice. So please do not hesitate to get in contact.


How we taste things

When a person ‘tastes’ a flavour, the brain processes the sensations of appearance, aroma, taste, sound and feel. When a person ‘tastes’ something, this is picked up by the tongue and nose, approximately 60% of taste is directly attributed to odour. When swallowing, the air from the mouth is forced up through the nasal cavity and stimulates the olfactory nerve. This information is the processed by the brain.